Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dear "people who make me happy",

Durga Puja is a few blocks away and I can't stop feeling festive even though the beastly half yearlies are going on. 

Durga Puja for me is: 
  • Waking up one to the intoxicating fragrance of shiuli phool.
  • Doing the rounds of Pujor bajar ( shopping for the pujas ) and asking the "Pujor Bajar sesh?" question to almost everyone I cross paths with. 
  • Craving for months to wake up to a sunny Autumn morning with the sky sketched in white
  • rolling in bed to the mellifluous chants of Mahalaya, baba shouting to me "shuru hoye geche; wake up" (It's started wake up!)
  • Wearing a new dress everday for those 4 days. 
  • pandal-hopping till I cross my 100 pandals mark, and not even complaining about the shoe bite.
  • Listening to the dhakis beat and dancing along to it.
  • the unlimited paani puri and the little detours to look for a shop selling mountain dew to boost me up for the long day ahead. 
  • The countdown to mahalaya, the star ananda superstar megastar, the annual meetings with ISHA
  • The traditional bengali food - you know the shorshe ilish, potol chingri and all.
  • Durga Puja for me is a reminder that you don't have to pour yourself into books, tuitions, and stupid exams for four whole days. Every year. ( class 11 makes you say these things. I kid not.)  That every woman looks stunning on Dashami after a vermillion bath and that if you go touch the feet of your elders you get 50 ruppee notes that end up to be a pocketful of money.
Here's sharing you a picture of last year's pujo, this was some pandal at kakurgachi.

Durga Puja '10

Watching every pandal with a different theme, pandals so awesome that you stand in awe and wonder how the hell do they do these in such short a time. 
There are the traditional pandals which stick to the very conservative pattern they have been following for years, big pandals, the thakur exactly the same each year. It's this similarity that make them even more special. 

Then there are the pandals which bring new things, new ideas, mind boggling ones that make you go wow. How in a few months time a total replica of the Egyptian pyramids go up, we have no idea...all we do is stand in queues for hours to catch a glimpse of the creation.

Hope you have an awesome puja as I myself travelling my way through Ladakh. It will be a good one. :) 

Till then, in the words of my grandmother, Dugga Dugga.


Friday, September 16, 2011

I'll be back...


Have no effin to time to write down a post
The half yearlies are on. And I hate studying our stupid Sunita Arora CS book.



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lights will guide you home.

Hey there,

You are welcome to read my stupid rant.

  • I have a new tennis racket now. Well it's not all new, joy's racket. He won't be playing so I now have this awesome head racket. 
  • We had a teachers day celebration at school which mostly consisted of us running wild around the school corridors, staring at the seniors in hot saris and making fun of the teachers and dancing to Senorita :P 
  • My hair is growing. What relief. I'm frickin tired of my hair falling over my eyes every single time I bend my head. 
  • Writing in points is so much fun. 
  • I am finally reading Pride and Prejudice. I know..i know, stop :O ing. 
  • and watching lots of gossip girl. Serena is so badass in season 2. I'm tending towards liking Blair more. "Lonely boy" is still so hot! There you go,

  • Can someone tell me why does it seem like class 11 just started? My gawd, I have no track of time or mind, of whats going on. 
  • One day I'm in Kharagpur peacefully scooting away with my scooty, next day I'm taking a 6 hr class at fiitjee. It's creepy!
  • Had an awesome time catching up with jnan and suman over coke and yougurt, I miss my old class at times. But I guess, you finally settle down with whatever changes happen around.
  • And I congratulate my very loved Ria for the head girl honor. You know you were the best choice and so deserved it.
  • And I'M OFF TO LADAKH this puja. Hope nothing in the world blunders that plan.
  • And have you guys started your Durga Puja shopping? (Like the best festival here in Bengal, google if you have no clue!) 
Off to study chemistry, my blog's getting pretty boring and I haven't taken a decent picture in ages. Sad sad..

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