Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's hard to saw goodbye to a class, a batch that I've spent 5 yrs of my life with. But we can't help it. Things have to go on. People have to go on to places.

Through all the going aways and goodbyes and teary hugs, we'll pray that someday we'll bump into each others and align our paths to the same point.

I'll miss ALL you guys, those of who are to go to places this yr. And the others who'll be here, I'll miss you as much, if you all were to go. (someday that's going to happen i guess).

To all of you....have an awesome future ahead. Rock your pants off! And take care...and all hail our batch!

We've been the naughtiest, the most united, the funniest and the awe-freakin-somest batch!!

Love you all

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to be Alone : Beautiful.

He ambles along our square

He ambles along our square

Everyday at 4.30 in the evening we play football at the field in front of Shankha’s.

Earlier, there would be a gang of two entire football teams with something like 22 players playing, chasing after the ball, practicing passes, dribbling, playing matches. But now, these days, there are just 5 or 6 of us running around in this rocky dusty yet large football field of ours.

You can find grass patches here and there, but at very few places; so it really hurts our feet every time we run over a rock or if we fall down and skin our knees. In spite of all that, this is our everyday spot, our own playground.

I must say we are pretty regular. We try to make it a point to give some time to “play” every single day. There are times when we turn up to play late and there are days when we skip playing and instead bicycle around the campus. However, everyday without a miss, I find one boy, medium height, striped shirt with trainers on, with his father at our playground. Everyday. It’s been a year. Almost.

He has misty eyes and his stance is sluggish, controlled and disabled. He holds on to his dad’s tailor-made cotton pants and takes one step at a time, traveling the length of the field while watching us play.

I wonder what he thinks of because his eyes say so much. They stare as if they are themselves pages of an open book, sucking all the spirit life has to offer. I know he thinks different; not the usual same way we do. I wonder if he feels the same way as we respond to emotions. I think he has bigger ideas in mind.

The way he clings on to his dad and the way his dad has this protective arm around him, although he does let his son try to walk without any assistance, makes me wonder if it’s that hard for him to go on as it looks?

Everyday while we are busy playing our game - cheering, celebrating, hi-5 ing after every goal, swearing on God’s name how awful we play after every mishap, I turn behind and watch this little friend talking to his dad, walking like he does and also being the most attentive spectator of our silly small game.

I have never talked to him and I also have no idea what situation he is going through; but every time I bid him a ‘hi’ or ‘bye’, I feel like I make him much happier because the way he smiles his warped smile – it is the cutest thing in this world. Moreover, the way he says a sloppy ‘bye’ to me, tilting his head to one side, with his mouth drooling all over is the purest form of love!

I think he has lots to offer and is a spirited little soul and tomorrow when I’ll watch him go, treading slow and careful measured steps, with his endless thoughts blurting out from his twisted mouth, I will deeply crave to sometimes take a break from my game and walk with him and hear his mind out and laugh with him about the things he feels are funny, and get scared at ghosts and will love to hear about the great War of Independence in 1947 when the Indians got freedom, from his dad.

Till that day, I will keep on staring and wondering….

Shambhobi Bhattacharya

{Wrote this yesterday. This was an instant thing I felt. Hope you like it.}



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bheegi Basanti

And it rained yesterday.....amongst the pretty cool winter February, IIT KGP got rain!

The rain kind of wakes me up and makes me soo much happier. It's this feeling of giving my everything and stretching my hands as far as they stretch and with my face up towards the cloudy sky, just living through the rain. The monsoon here in KGP is one of the best.

Yesterday, when it started raining, I was in the basketball court. We played a little in the drizzle. Then as it started pouring heavy, headed over to CCD for a devil's own treat. :)

Sitting there completely drenched from head to toe while feasting on the whipped cream and staring out through the stained glass, it was a delight.

Today morning, the whole campus is greener and merrier and the birds are singing throughout the morning.
Got this picture on flickr. I like :)

With a cup of hot chocolate, I'm ready to roll!

How did ur day goooooooo??

much love,


Monday, February 14, 2011

It's called Valentine's day

No, I did not get a diamond ring or maybe a bunch of roses or maybe a mushy love letter.....

But I did

Feast on dairy milk with the best of friends
Watched PS I love you with the parents
Read a romantic Ruskin Bond story
Played soccer in the evening


will have a grand dinner and will watch Dhobi Ghaat.


How did ur day go?

Before I completely forget   HAPPY VALENTINES DAY...

Like it's said ...Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved!

Enjoy. Spread the love. Lick off dripping dairy milk silk just like they have it in the advertisement. :P

And celebrate with roses and salmon ;)

Love lots and lots of it


Friday, February 11, 2011

Fish bowl.

It has been days since my last post. I know I am a lazy blogger. There has been so many things done in these few days.

There was the Sarawati puja where I wore a sari for 8 hrs straight which is very hard and not-at-all-comfortable for a novice like me. Saraswati puja was fun. A stress-free day. Ate a lot, trotted on around the campus in 3 inch heels ... which is damn hard I tell you. Took pictures of people who turned out in saris and looked there best. :)
It was a bright sunny day all together.

Then there was the visit by H and  R who are complete freaks and are funny and should go out! Maybe they are, I have NO idea. :P

My current music obsessions : Leaving on a jet plane, Namak ( Omkara )

I have been reading a book called a Girl like me - Swati Kaushal. I recommend the book. It's pretty good.

And I finally have to tell you about the fish bowl.

I came back home from school all tired and wearied and then there's this huge smile ma's face and she goes "SURPRISE" :P

And then I catch a glimpse of a pretty big FISH BOWL there on one corner of our dining room. And there it is with 7 beauties moving around aimlessly through the round thing. And I stare at it all the time and try to scare off the goldfishes with my fingers :P It's soo much fun. The fishes are my new friends.

And I had a splendid time with my friends today. Guys you are the best.
It really doesn't hurt even if you call me a ghosh.:P

I love you guys. I don't want you guys to leave. Not a bit!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

6th Feb

It's going to be hard. Let me at least try. I know I haven't worked hard as much I should have. Next year maybe!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Trackless + Respect for you

I have this thing that happens to me quite often. I lose track of "what happened which day". It's weird. Something that happened today, I somehow feel that it happened 1-2 days ago. :P

And to this girl I think is the most adorable...I want to tell you that you are a strong, lovely person. Do not ever say that you are not deserving and shit like that. I believe you will do marvels in life and I want to know you better and help you out. I want to lend a shoulder. And you are NEVER weak. Just remember that. And I know it'll be hard to move on but it's possible and you'll go through this phase. You are a heck of a creative person and I respect you so much. Just be the person you are, stick to your beliefs. :) I have no clue whether you are reading this, but I love you and want you to stay along the next 2 yrs at school. :)

That's all for now...I'll go back dig into that trigonometry sum.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's 6.50 in the morning. I slept over at Ujaan's last night.

I'm back now. There's a Julius Caesar test at school today and I have no idea about the chapter. NO IDEA! All because I was busy writing that poem ;) Well jokes aside, I really didn't WANT to read the thing. She makes it soo boring and uninteresting that you feel like skipping Caesar.

So, I'm guessing I'm going to whack out today at english class. :P

Oh wait, maybe I'll go through the thing once now.

Im off,