Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White frocks and Barbie dolls :)

Twirl around :)

Peek a boo 

Girls in white frocks and visits to the terrace -- Perfect Sunday morning :)

Great dayy :)

Well FIRST OF ALL.....I just opened up the blog and BAMMMMM 

Bollywoodstylediaries commented....She's like one of my favourite bloggers :) 
Thankss soo soo much !!!!!!

And then comments from the lovely antara .... are soo special.

And I had a fab day....got along with some people I was having a hard time with. 

AND BARCELONA WONNNNNNNNN....5-0....Real Madrid should just dig a well and jump inside....freakin 5-0. Messi wasn't thaaat extraordinary yesterday but well 5-0 made it all soo amazing. My God!

Girls in floral white frocks bring smiles :)
Have math to day...loads of it...

Maze looo

SAM B :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


I was perpetually mad the whole day at school. Talked rubbish and laughed in uncontrollable amounts.

I know two avid JOHN CENA fans :P This guy and Sarkar. 

Have to go to dance today...God, Im tired.

Well will keep on dreaming of snuggling under my blanket...

Waste of a post :P

I know...useless one...

Ok I'm off..



Sunday, November 28, 2010


I raaaaaaaaaaan today.....burnt some calories....I'll be back in shape....wait and watch!

Had a dreadful 7 hr long test today. I know! 7! Yes impossible thing..but well it's true. Had 'Sheila ki Jawani' in my freakin head throughout the chem exam :P Yes Farah Khan ...Tees Maar khan did somehow find itself in my chem paper. ......:P

Quite similar 

Gawd it's over...Thank you!

Hope next year I'll do much much better.

Did watch KWK today. Farah Khan is hilarious and soo out spoken. What is a talk show without the spice eh? ;)

And tomorrow there's games at school :) EEEEEEEEP :P

And btw it's an awesomeeeeeee feeling after running some miles. Soo worth all the workout :)

Goodnight people,

Be fit and in shape....you'll lead a muchhh happier life


Friday, November 26, 2010

Make it or break it! =)

I like having soup :D I love having KFC! I love playing football, volleyball, tennis, baddy and basky ( tho i don't know a thing ) 

I am done....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You make me Feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream! ;)

This post has NOTHING to do with the title :P

So I have this sexy pic of the coolest kid around! Presenting oneof my loves : TITOOOOOOOOOO :) BHAIIIIIIIIII! :) I louuuuuu him! :) :P *sleepy like hell....brings out the crap in me :P jk! :P*

Isn't he just rocking the "neka" look! :) :P Heart those shades! A vintage gift from my dida :) And w00ts to the Canada tshirt!

BTWWWWWWWWWW I have a mobile! SRSLY and a brand new uber-ly sexyyyyy watch! SO cool na? :)

Good night lovelies...Im off to chat with Isha :) Love her...


Another new look!

The reason behind the frequent new looks of my blog is that I like to experiment and get bored easily with a look. :P Same reason behind my profile pictures on facebook.

This picture I lurvvvveeeeeeeee.....probably my favoritest person on this planet - Tito clicked this one.

The pic reminds me of my grandparent's place at Korunamoyee, Kolkata. I associate some of my best memories with the place and hence the pic brings in me a big nostalgic attack.

Sitting on the french windows, sipping cups of coffee turned cold because of the excess chatting :P listening to long lost stories from my grandparents....playing with Tito, being a very strict teacher, looking around at all the flats around our flat....so many thoughts just come out looking at the picture.

I love my dadu and dida :)

I love you tito :)

I NEED my dadu to get well soon :(



I have pics to share...wait up wait up....!

Teenage dream - Katy Perry

Yes I love that song....SONG OF THE DAY guys :P

And I am back from a hectic week at Kolkata...but well!

Studying Physics now...caught up with the very awesome Pokemon today and saw the deepika-sonam epi of KWK! :P

It was a nice episode...loads of spiceeee! To all Koffee with Karan lovers WATCH!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday well spent!

Well, today was a nice sunny Sunday I had :D

Morning : Had a lovely time at Golu's...chatted with dida. :D Went to the terrace...took some good pics. Annapurna had come, twirling around in a floral white frock. She's such a sweetheart. Missed Arya Sir's party :( :P But well its okay...had a great sunny morning none-the-less.

Afternoon: Was on the balcony...sitting on the oh-so-very comfortable chair with a book on my lap. :)

Evening: Went to play football...I think I'm a lot better now. Football is a better medicine than all the gross shitty stuff the doctor suggested :P

Late Evening : Finally finished writing my practicals :P And then went to Golu's again for some more adda and lots of silly laughter free :) They made fun of my linguistic capabilitites....not funny :P 

And coming to the main part....It's my bulam mama's wedding tomorrow.  And I am super duper excited!!!!!!!!! So packed all the lehengas and saris that I will be wearing. There'll be fooooooooood in unlimited amounts which makes me shout :)  Be jealous guys! I am having the time of my life. 3 days BLISSSSS!

And will try to catch HP 7. And it's mum dad's anniversary :) 19 years :D  I wish them a happy life ahead!

And to you people out there...
Hope you guys are also enjoying in your own respective ways...

ps Have tons of pics to upload ...just wait for them....

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I wanna see

  1. Social Network
  2. HP 7
  3. Guzaarish

Like NOW!
I am sick....very sick. Couldn't sleep last night was paining soo hard :(

It's better now though. Had to go to the  hospital todat morn.

Sam B

Friday, November 19, 2010

The "chadd" part 2!

These are some of the other blocks :)

Just look at the sky!

Block 6

The birds in the sky 

Flying by flying by!
The pinkish bluish Violet ish hue! 

our very own football field!

"I can reach high!"

Fear is not a factor :P

The loved black sintex tanks :)


Two is better than one!

And here comes another fridayyyyyyyyyy..............:D I love fridays!

Looking forward to the weekendddd...

Sam B 

The "chadd"!

Yes the terrace of this new flat is my haven; my refuge :)

And today we ( me, golu and bau ) went on our terrace at 5 in the evening to have fun with the football!

 And from showing off skills, to tackling each other to playing one touch passes....an evening of football on this terrace which has a view of the whole green wilderness around our flat is an ideal one...!

Till it got dark outside, till our legs got all white and dirty due to the cement, till the moon on top was smiling high, till the the last bites of "munch" were enjoyed....the terrace served us with open arms :D

I love my terrace!

Some pics of a day on the terrace...had taken my baby (d500) along with me :)

The skyyyyyyyyy

Golu looking uppppp!

A part of the view!

Part of the terrace...the tanks are there!

The trash tunnel aka the spit tunnel ;)

The terrace below..


Lightening conductorrrr

Thursday, November 18, 2010




Had lunch at Big B yesterday....feasted on mutton biryani, chicken bharta, ice cream and coke. Dinner...had biryani again. After tennis had 2 samosas.

Result : Puked yesterday night. And the scary part : drops of blood falling out from my mouth.


Doc says I have to rest for the whole day...and that I have to drink more water. Missed school today. I am sick, what else?!


I hate it!

Damn.crap.shit :(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just confused and stressed out...

Yes..I am confused, sad, irritated, hurt etc about what has gotten into me recently. I am thinking too much about a certain thing and putting too much pressure on myself. I have to ignore and maybe start stop thinking about whatever I am thinking. Gawd, It's soo irritating...and it would be better if certain people act normally. :|

Anyways had a blast today evening. Played soccer and baddy. Mantu kaka is an amaaazing footballer. Taught me and Golu tricks :) Guli is great :D Had fun!!
Mota today tied up my cycle with 3 effin pieces of cloth. And there were like 4 knots in each cloth. Damn him! :P

Anyways I love my two friends...couldn't do without them. Gawd I should stop thinking this much and stop hurting myself....

My head is jammed and I am not well that way. I'll try to become sane..

Sam B

Monday, November 15, 2010

The blue tent :D

I wish I had the little blue tent
With a window and a door
And a idiot with a big ass inside..
I wish I had the tent!

The idiot inside won't be needed
He smells bad and is stupid
But the blue tent is a paradise
I wish I had the tent!

I would lay it under the night sky
The stars would be twinkling high
The tent would be my sole friend..
I wish I had the tent!

But mota has the tent..
And he plans of sleeping in it tonight
How do I stop feeling jealous of him
Gawd, I wish I had the tent!

So what I'm doing is writing about my worries
Of the idiot sleeping in the blue tent
I'll dream of a much bigger blue one
But I still want the blue tent!

I am BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( And I WANT THE TENT.......SHANKHA! TENT!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2 more :)

Bought two more books from the penguin sale and got 3 more harry potter bookmarks...I am a happy kid :D

Btw happy children's day people...bring out the child in you...creep into the depths of your imaginations and live on chocolate the whole day if you want to :) Play as much as you want and go have an ice-cream. ( Imma  do these today ) :P Go goof around and be lazy and just enjoy !

Had seen the movie before...wanted to read this classic a lot! Finally got my hands on it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Before I forget...( Dedicated to our very own ASB )

I want to congratulate my dear friend...the genius...the extraordinary...the one of a kind ASB aka Shankha aka mota for his incredible achievements for which we had to hurt our hands by clapping and stand on our legs in the assembly till all his achievements were being announced ( which took a long long time because of the long list of achievements ) . They just didn't stop with the announcements and the medals and the cash prizes. I have no idea how he is this genius...and frankly I envy him a lot. :P

Jokes aside, Congratulations :) And we are very very happy for your incredible-ness.

But Gawd, keep a quota or something on the amount of prizes and whatever you are earning...because think abt me getting 450 and you something like 3900...complex hoy sala! :P 2000 I can manage...but freakin 4 grands NO! :P It's like you'll have money to feast on phuchka for 400 days and me 40 :(

Anyways thanks for the treat...

anddddddddddddd..............you are an awesome friend :D

Keep on moving it ;)


The penguin book sale @ progressive

Ditching the ohh-soo-boring and BAD scholastic book fair going on right now at our school premises, we went off to savor penguin books given out at a sale of 30% at our very own Progressive at tech market.

We as in me, shankha and Golu :D Progressive is one of the only two bookshops here in IIT. It has got mostly academic stuff but there are stocks of some very few :P recent books too. And I am soo thankful for this penguin sale thing.

This is like the most awesome thing that could happen to our little bookshop. In progressive, if you are in urgent need of a specific book you just have to order the book and they'll bring the book for you. But man, for the book to come it'll take ages...and who doesn't like to go to a bookshop and  flip through the pages of a nice old storybook and want to buy it? Well, this doesn't happen here. Here you have to WAIT. And you'll be very much lucky if your specific book by any chance in there in the tiny collection of books the store generally holds.
So it really is "a once in a blue moon" thing.

But well today was a different story, after all there was a freaking book sale that we went too. There were books and books which were actually story books and not the usual thermodynamics, refrigeration stuff. There was recent stuff, some novels, books of a wide range of genres. Not to forget...The big fat BIBLE.

Amitav Ghosh, Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl, Orhan Pamuk, Larrson, Shobhaa De and many many more were there on the racks of Progressive.

We bought 3 books. Me two...Golu one fat one.

Shankha went through the collection, picked some, read random pages from the bible, and found out the perfect Lolita for Karmakar. He's going to buy his picks later.

So we all sat on the dusty floor in Progressive and with keen eyes scurried through the racks and I guess went through the whole collection.

And me being a book mark collector, 2 more precious bookmarks have been added to my collection. And the best part is that they are HARRY POTTER ones :) Thanks Golu for the maroon one. Shankha advanced thanks :D

There's one with a phoenix and the other with a gold potion bottle on it.

The books bought :

Gifted this to my mom with the Olympiad money I had got .
Golu's buy.

Bought this for myself...I love his writings :D
Now, if you haven't yet been to the sale...go cycle to tech and go through the books. You won't be disappointed. I'll rant about IIT not having a proper library later...I have soo much to say on that :P

Anyways, The whole visit to the bookstore was great. I'm planning to drop by progressive again in the evening.

Till my next post,

Read to your heart's desire...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm better.

We talked it all out....let's see what happens tomorrow.

Talking helps to clears misunderstanding like anything.

I feel better, much better.

Now looking forward to an evening at Antara's. :)

I can crack up in any sec!

How many more fucking days is this whole thing going to go on?

I am seriously MAD and pissed off. What do you expect me to do? Fall on ur knees and start crying!

It's been like 2 months already. Bloody immature people!

And why am I blamed because of your position on the volleyball court?

And why is that you act as if I don't exist and the next moment you're like " Why are you angry? ...What did I do?"

Bloody damned....The thing you do is act completely opposite at one time...and next time you're fine again.

Last evening was soo great...we actually talked...now its back to the whole stupid thing again!

MAN! I hate it...I hate it....Makes me wanna tear paper and crumble the pieces and make the pieces vanish!

And a bloody SORRY does not work...makes me even more angry!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Harry Potter pics :)

Avada Kedavra!
Yes I know you thought that was Harry :P
This Diwali at Rivu's flat. I love both...its soo harry potter!

Go have a look at antara's harry potter shots  :


Monday, November 8, 2010

This Diwali - Hum Paach! :)

Heyy people,

I just have to tell you about the last 3 days I've had. They went like a blur...a high speed rocket! :)

I am totally true to my words when I say I had a blast. Isha was here in kharagpur to experience diwali our style and she loved it to the core.

The days went by with me, isha and golu gossiping, chatting the whole day on our terrace which I tell you has the  awesomemest view. I mean make a visit to our flat just to be on the terrace. The best time is preferably when it's dark. It's beautiful I mean suddenly you hear the train passing by. ( btw the train line goes by our area! ) And even better in diwali you can see all the houses right beside ours shimmering in the diwali tuni bulbs and lights. And the cool breeze adding to the experience, it's pure amazement! :)

Ok other than goofing arnd on the terrace..we had long scooty rides. Isha was asked what she loved about the whole trip...and she like totally had the scooty ride part on top of the list. Living in a city like kol, you hardly can experience the fun on a simple scooty ride...but here we don't miss it. So isha too got a taste of the scooty scooting through the green lanes of our beautiful campus. At like 60 kmph, double carrying her....toured her through the campus. And she said Golu's a better tour guide but I'm a better driver :P

The food these three days was CHICKEN AND CHICKEN AND CHICKEN...couldn't get any better. We had sprite, breakfast's at tikka, lunch at someone's house. All in all GOOD FOOD!

And coming to the crackers. Chocolate bombs were the biggest hit. We burst crackers on our palms and got hurt but that didn't stop us from going on with the celebrations!

Shankha and Anwesha joined in and we went crazy on the terrace, on the bed ( dude don not think the obvious :P ) and we laughed our hearts out and cracked the most perverted jokes available :P

Illumination - rangoli was great! Took pics :)

Isha's hilarious walking style to Shankha's problem with his eyesight ; Anwesha's relation to cadbury double shots to mine with the number 6 :P Golu's incessant wants to be with sexy girls the whole day to all 5 of us struggling to fit in our bed :P This diwali rocked! :D

I love all these 5 gems :)

The lateee night rangoli done by moushumi mashi and me!

Hope you people had a great diwali !!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali guys :)

Tomorrow is the festival of lights and though I am not excited like I should be ( because of tons of stupid things happening in my life right now ) but still there is this feeling of 'something good will happen' in the near future.

My life is in like a good-bad state and its killing me as well as giving me the best moments I could expect.

Well, I'll stop eating your mind and let's all have a blast this diwali. Forget about your worries and just LIVE!

Burn crackers, burst ur eardrums, EAT, go 'adda' with ur frnds and have an awesome time with ur loved ones.

And one of my best frnd will be coming tom to kharagpur and I love her soo much. Isha, we will have a great time :).

At IIT every diwali...we have this thing called an illu-rangoli competition. This competition just shows how much talent these guys have here. It's breathtaking and worth- a - watch!

Bye for now..