Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dear you

Here I am having a sad day after a long long time. I am irritated as fuck, God knows why. I've been sincerely happy for a long time, rarely have had a depressing day. I don't even know why I'm writing to you. Sometimes you feel like wanting someone so bad, I mean let's see how hard is it for me and you to be together right now for a mere five minutes, just these few minutes where I can lay in your arms and breathe. Not feel helpless, distraught and troubled. Say you just hold me tight and say things will be fine, that days like these are there in little gaps to break your pace, to slow you down. Days like these where your past catches upto you and taps you from behind and you fall down on the cement floor with white patches on your knees.

I was thinking about my priorities in life. How I want to conduct my second year. What all I've been missing out on and things like that. And the whole 'not being able to do everything' came running back swallowing up all the amazing energy I had in me after travelling through Karnataka. The whole feeling of being independant, of enjoying and being content with oneself, that just sucked out today. Just one day to break the spell.

Just seeing your face might make things alright. The face, the warmth, the touch. Sometimes I feel like letting go, just laying there without anything anything in mind, a black mind.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fare Thee Well

The farewell, in pictures. 

The EPIC fail of a group pic.

Them two.



Some yao-minging going on

Group pic part II

Wherein I squash Shankha to death

The controversial of the lot

Group pic part III

Don't we look like siblings?

Sari love.
Boards are here, wish me luck peeps

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Song

If I could write a song that defined us
I’d begin with a loud clap
I’ll string in some drum beats
And some loud shrieks and claps.

I’ll pour in some vanilla
And make a nutella mess
I’ll bring a dialogue into the emptiness
And spit out all I have to confess.

I’ll slam down the bass a bit
I’ll tune the guitar
Will cover the endless night sky
Blaring meteors with no stars.

There will be head banging dance
There will be free hugs
We’ll jump on rollercoaster’s
And catch little light bugs.

The song will have a chorus
Where we’ll do the Irish hop
We’ll cross our legs and link our arms
And dance till our legs drop.

There’ll be no mushy unicorns or stupid chocolate dreams
But parkour stadiums and trampoline gyms
There’ll be no glitters and sparking rainbows
But oreos with less of the biscuit and more of the cream.

We’ll measure our lyrics when we write
And not shout out whatever comes to our minds
Our song with define our life
With perfect silences hard to find.

The song will reach its climax
With an end that’ll linger on
Our song, your song, will keep playing
Slow and silent, from dusk till dawn.

 -Sam B

Fantabulous February 2013 - Day Three!

Hello peeps,

This is for Fantabulous February - Day Three,

Today's inspiration:

My post:

I want to wander and not get lost, to teeter around in the unknown.
To sit in a coffee shop and have my ears filled up with a language of an unknown tongue.
I want to stay for a poetry where the movement of the words stir me up instead of the comprehension in them.
I want to walk down cobbled streets, cross bridges, country roads, 
interstates and dirty alleys.
To ride Gondolas and drink up in Irish pubs.
I want to breathe in the smell of cigarettes and change.
I want to travel if only to forget who I am as I fill myself up with 
everything else.

Let's find some beautiful place to get lost,
Sam B.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fantabulous February 2013 - Day 2!

Hello there,

Fantabulous February is back. Rush over to Kanika's blog if you don't know what I mean.

Today's inspiration:

My post:

Despondent I stare at the waters so still
Filling it with a part of my own vignettes

The water stays calm keeping me still
Yet my waves of turmoil cease to kill.

My heads spins in weird circles
I stumble with every step I take 
The calmness arises in tufts of ups and downs

The chill in the air keeps me unfulfilled
The water wavers on, the rush instilled.

Enjoy the Sunday,
Sam B.

Monday, January 28, 2013

What's Your? - Confession Day 8

The confession for the day is madness. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then shoot over to Ms. Sharma's blog and join in, come out of your closets pouring out those dark and twisted secrets.

Madness has been my cup of tea, runs in the family. I am very rarely a normal sane person.One thing I can think of now would be jumping off the second floor from an apartment. So, this friend of mine, we decided to just jump for the heck of it. It was crazy fun. That makes me laugh for the silliness of it.
Anyway, something that I did that really wakes me up with goosebumps, would be this one time on my scooty, I escaped by the skin of my teeth from hitting a person on the road. I was carelessly singing to some song and was not concentrating on the road, saw this man the very last second and somehow steered away from hitting him. It was so scary, I literally sped off from the scene and had to collect myself and then ride on. I remember having these nightmares of hitting him, even killing him spot dead. It was bad those few days. I don't think I've said this out loud ever, anyway, that somehow taught me a lesson and I'm extra careful these days, bit too much I'd say. I don't even know if this fits the 'madness' thing-y, but oh well..

Off for a walk,