Monday, December 27, 2010

It's been a long time...

Where do I start?

There have been soo many exciting things in this short interim...

There was this school educational trip....which didn't turn out to be even close to being educational but well even having fun with your friends is educational...but we won't get into that. This was more like our first picnic of the 2 we are going to have this year.

They took us to outskirts of a small village called Pathra. There were ruins of terracota mandirs. Something like 6-7 of them. A pretty can climb on top of the temples and just look at the view. Speaking about the view, there's a lake flowing right by the site enveloped with sand and green tall trees on both sides. It was quite a surprise at least for me that there IS this place just nearby KGP....I had NO clue.

We took walks, jumped from the tops, feasted on scorching HOT chops!

There were girls and boys laughing all over! There were two teachers with sexy sunglasses trying to mingle in with the teenagers. Leaving all the glamor to the ladies, our Arya Sir remained the efficient man, keeping us students grounded and responsible.

There were photos taken...hundreds of them and posted on facebook. There were comments on the pictures and teasing and stuff. There was LOTS of food and adda! There was singing songs on top of our voices, hearing people rap, throwing stones, having the utmost fun possible with friends...and I think I haven't even written half of the things we've done. I'll leave the rest for you to imagine...of the fun-estttt things possible.

And saying goodbye to THIS trip was very hard...but well there was ANOTHER event important enough to have a separate place in the school year....and that was the BAL MELA! That made it easier to say goodbye.

So I begin with the details of this thing called Bal Mela that instinctively brings this big smile on my face.....

BAL MELA is THE best thing that happens in DAV. It's practically a food fest. Classes set up food stalls and game stalls and compete against each other. It's the time to out shine all the other classes and win the hamper!

We had paani puri and coffee this year. Serving Phuchka was fun. Setting up the stall was fun. LONG funny Adda with friends was fun. Going to the park and goofing around at 7 in the evening was super fun. Being the only adults buying gas balloons was fun and the food, the masti, the evening was in all sooo much fun!

I mean BAL mela 2010 rocked our hearts out! :)

I have pics! Will share them later. Till then,

there's news...I got selected for RMO ( regional mathematics olympiad ) Shankha did too.

So there's this camp at ISI, Kolkata for 3 days...a mathematics camp. But the best part...I'LL BE ALONEEEEE FOR 3 DAMN DAYSSSSSSSSSS... Isn't that superb :)

I'm off to enjoy the experience,

Chill and have fun...
Oh and MERRRRRRRRRRRY CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSS  GUYS...HOW DID YOUR CHRISTMAS GO? Mine was great.....we made a christmas a big have no idea how lovely thr tree turned out to be....we sang songsss loud on our terrace...more on that later..

Bye now...Got to get up early tomorrow.

Love, love and lots more!


Monday, December 13, 2010

That PHASE! :-|

Today was a weird day...Surely DO NOT want to relive a day like this. Today was sick and stupid and damn irritating.

I am tired and stressed out.

Sorry for the negative stupid mood I create...I have no idea what's got into me.

Save me


Sunday, December 12, 2010


Saturday, December 11, 2010

My week through pics :)

It's a sunny warm winter morning with the sunlight streaming in through my windows. 
Even though I have my UTs going on...but who the hell doesn't want to have fun....This is what I did throughout this funnn week! 

Enjoy! :)

Golu fully engrossed in a song

An amazing photographer, singer, student and what not! An evening with the genius :)

My inherited harmonium....shots from the same evening.

It's a lovely instrument!

A summer dress with tights :P Well it's not always that you HAVE to feel wintry! :P


I heart BIG HUGE over sized sweaters :)

Sweaters are the snuggliest things!

Cows 2 feet away!
Today morning :)
Hope you had a lovely week...
Enjoy the cold, the wind, the sunny cold morns...
Have infinite cups of hot chocolate...
Go out for picnics...go play football...
chat with your friends....go have a stroll harry potter the 100th time..
take football....hide under warm over sized sweaters...wait for your hols....

There's soo many things to look forward to...don't miss out with the FUNN!

Love always

SAM B :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


How I spent a part of the Bandh @ home.

So there's this congress strike today....woke up early today morning ready for school ... and BUMMER! No school.

SO came back home...and this is what I did :P

Lazed around in jammies

Took jumping pics :) Didn't turn out good.

Stared at this particular thing in my toilet for half an hour 

Daydreamed about my awesome cam :)

Went through the bundles of warmth!

Saw zebra crossings in my room!

Saw the school bag celebrate the strike!

Did the morning sudoku and Jumble!

Fell in pure love with the abnormal weather outside!

Held this thing and felt the spines of the leaves tickle my hands

Heard this chime with the wind!


Sat there and had my daily cup of hot chocolate!

This weather out side makes me wanna do something creative, cool, out of box. Makes me want to play football and take photos and just have the day of my life. It's the weather that I love, it's beautiful and serene and makes me happy automatically!

Hope you have a lovely morning :)

I sure WILL


Monday, December 6, 2010

I just wrote a BIG GIGANTIC about me thing... I AM bored. Craaap!

Gawd it's taken up most of the blog! I'll shorten it later...

Good nyt...
Off to have dinner

New look :P @Shankha Better?

Blog banner - Isha and me @ FD block, Salt Lake, Durga Puja 2010!

Bengali tomorrow

Bengali is a subject I'm bad at. And I am not thaaat interested to study the subject but I like Bengali as a language overall (DUH!) So, Bengali is by far the hardest subject in my syllabus. 

That way it's actually good that the UTs start with the subject I'm pretty scared off. :P

This week will be borrringgg because of the so called exams :(

But still I'm hoping I'll have a fun week...will go out to play everyday...for sure!

It was drizzling today throughout the day...went to Shankha's and goofed around...then went to Bau's and played football on his terrace in the rain.

I slipped and fell on my bum amidst all the water. Gawd, it hurt :P 

Got wet from head to toe. Came back started shouting as usual...took a hot water bath and then hot chocolate :)

And now I'm over with Bengali and thus have the perfect opportunity to procrastinate.

That's where I want to be :) Heaven!!! Ye hein Mumbai meri Jaan :)

I wanna go to BOMBAY...They say the rains of Bombay are heavenly :) 
Look at the way the water's going to spray over your I wish I could just be there enjoy the rains :) Too much to wish for now i guess! But one day .... :)

How was your day guys?

Let me know!
Till then,

much love

Sunday, December 5, 2010


RMO over...did 4 out of 6 ... which is MUCH MUCH better than my previous two years. I feel GREAT after answering the paper. Let's see what happens...*fingers crossed* :)

I can't get over "color me katie". The blog is soo much fun. I love the girl...and I can keep on saying how awesome the blog is and she is!!

Went to play tennis after I'm back exhausted and happy!

We have our UTs from Tuesday but before at school tomorrow.

I'll end it with this picture :)

Grandma's are the best :) Golu's dida on our terrace...


I have RMO from 1-4 pm. 3 hrs of math :) I wanna nail this soo bad and give my best.

Well, the thing I tell myself all this time is that I get to learn a lot from just studying for the exam. losses.

Wish me luck...


Color me Katie :)

I'm in love with her and her photos and her blog.

I wanna have a colorful room like hers and a cat too! :(

To-do list :

#1 Take more photos...innovative ones...funny ones.
#2 Make my room colorful!!

She's an adorable thing.

Check out the blog...PLEASE!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's the same old thing....

With all this progress....why were you like that at school today?

Man, not a single word. We were all so good the day before..and today you come to school and act this weird.

WHY? It doesn't make sense.

Aren't we your friends? You still think I don't care for you...

Tell me whatever you have to on my face...The last thing I want now is to not know what is going on with you.

RMO tomorrow. Wish me luck guys...

I am tired of this sick behavior....


I got bored with the previous. New avatar!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Christmas is  not far away. I can feel it coming...don't u?

Bring out all the green and red stuff, the scarves, the Christmas trees and the cakes :)

I want my hot chocolate and my small chota sa Christmas tree. And then there's eating outside.

There's soo much to do this Christmas....will read stories snugged under warm blankets...will catch a movie. :)

I want to CELEBRATE Christmas.My family that has silly fights every night will end Christmas with choking laughter. 

And there's this lovely winter ahead. I wore my green hoodie today...It's cold here already.

I heart Christmas for all these tiny details.

But before all that comes the unit tests. Dreadful! 

I'll skip-thinking about that last line for the time being. Now, it's the Santa Claus and the surprise gift under my pillow :) 

Till next time,

Take Care..


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sleepy me!

I'm OFF to sleep....Finished reading blogs, done with 1 bangla chapter, did some math and I'm good to hit the duvet!

Good Nyt!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The experienced VS the novice

Bonus pic of the trio :)

Off to play soccer,

Bye sexy people ;) 

The purple Sari :P

 Wore this on my mama's marriage. Mum's benarasi. Was freakin tough to handle the sari...The watch I'm wearing is the new one I was talking about in this post.

Experience a sari.....I think it is an art!

Sam B

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White frocks and Barbie dolls :)

Twirl around :)

Peek a boo 

Girls in white frocks and visits to the terrace -- Perfect Sunday morning :)

Great dayy :)

Well FIRST OF ALL.....I just opened up the blog and BAMMMMM 

Bollywoodstylediaries commented....She's like one of my favourite bloggers :) 
Thankss soo soo much !!!!!!

And then comments from the lovely antara .... are soo special.

And I had a fab along with some people I was having a hard time with. 

AND BARCELONA WONNNNNNNNN....5-0....Real Madrid should just dig a well and jump inside....freakin 5-0. Messi wasn't thaaat extraordinary yesterday but well 5-0 made it all soo amazing. My God!

Girls in floral white frocks bring smiles :)
Have math to day...loads of it...

Maze looo

SAM B :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


I was perpetually mad the whole day at school. Talked rubbish and laughed in uncontrollable amounts.

I know two avid JOHN CENA fans :P This guy and Sarkar. 

Have to go to dance today...God, Im tired.

Well will keep on dreaming of snuggling under my blanket...

Waste of a post :P

I know...useless one...

Ok I'm off..



Sunday, November 28, 2010


I raaaaaaaaaaan today.....burnt some calories....I'll be back in shape....wait and watch!

Had a dreadful 7 hr long test today. I know! 7! Yes impossible thing..but well it's true. Had 'Sheila ki Jawani' in my freakin head throughout the chem exam :P Yes Farah Khan ...Tees Maar khan did somehow find itself in my chem paper. ......:P

Quite similar 

Gawd it's over...Thank you!

Hope next year I'll do much much better.

Did watch KWK today. Farah Khan is hilarious and soo out spoken. What is a talk show without the spice eh? ;)

And tomorrow there's games at school :) EEEEEEEEP :P

And btw it's an awesomeeeeeee feeling after running some miles. Soo worth all the workout :)

Goodnight people,

Be fit and in'll lead a muchhh happier life


Friday, November 26, 2010

Make it or break it! =)

I like having soup :D I love having KFC! I love playing football, volleyball, tennis, baddy and basky ( tho i don't know a thing ) 

I am done....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You make me Feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream! ;)

This post has NOTHING to do with the title :P

So I have this sexy pic of the coolest kid around! Presenting oneof my loves : TITOOOOOOOOOO :) BHAIIIIIIIIII! :) I louuuuuu him! :) :P *sleepy like hell....brings out the crap in me :P jk! :P*

Isn't he just rocking the "neka" look! :) :P Heart those shades! A vintage gift from my dida :) And w00ts to the Canada tshirt!

BTWWWWWWWWWW I have a mobile! SRSLY and a brand new uber-ly sexyyyyy watch! SO cool na? :)

Good night lovelies...Im off to chat with Isha :) Love her...


Another new look!

The reason behind the frequent new looks of my blog is that I like to experiment and get bored easily with a look. :P Same reason behind my profile pictures on facebook.

This picture I lurvvvveeeeeeeee.....probably my favoritest person on this planet - Tito clicked this one.

The pic reminds me of my grandparent's place at Korunamoyee, Kolkata. I associate some of my best memories with the place and hence the pic brings in me a big nostalgic attack.

Sitting on the french windows, sipping cups of coffee turned cold because of the excess chatting :P listening to long lost stories from my grandparents....playing with Tito, being a very strict teacher, looking around at all the flats around our many thoughts just come out looking at the picture.

I love my dadu and dida :)

I love you tito :)

I NEED my dadu to get well soon :(



I have pics to share...wait up wait up....!

Teenage dream - Katy Perry

Yes I love that song....SONG OF THE DAY guys :P

And I am back from a hectic week at Kolkata...but well!

Studying Physics now...caught up with the very awesome Pokemon today and saw the deepika-sonam epi of KWK! :P

It was a nice episode...loads of spiceeee! To all Koffee with Karan lovers WATCH!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday well spent!

Well, today was a nice sunny Sunday I had :D

Morning : Had a lovely time at Golu's...chatted with dida. :D Went to the terrace...took some good pics. Annapurna had come, twirling around in a floral white frock. She's such a sweetheart. Missed Arya Sir's party :( :P But well its okay...had a great sunny morning none-the-less.

Afternoon: Was on the balcony...sitting on the oh-so-very comfortable chair with a book on my lap. :)

Evening: Went to play football...I think I'm a lot better now. Football is a better medicine than all the gross shitty stuff the doctor suggested :P

Late Evening : Finally finished writing my practicals :P And then went to Golu's again for some more adda and lots of silly laughter free :) They made fun of my linguistic capabilitites....not funny :P 

And coming to the main part....It's my bulam mama's wedding tomorrow.  And I am super duper excited!!!!!!!!! So packed all the lehengas and saris that I will be wearing. There'll be fooooooooood in unlimited amounts which makes me shout :)  Be jealous guys! I am having the time of my life. 3 days BLISSSSS!

And will try to catch HP 7. And it's mum dad's anniversary :) 19 years :D  I wish them a happy life ahead!

And to you people out there...
Hope you guys are also enjoying in your own respective ways...

ps Have tons of pics to upload ...just wait for them....

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I wanna see

  1. Social Network
  2. HP 7
  3. Guzaarish

Like NOW!
I am sick....very sick. Couldn't sleep last night was paining soo hard :(

It's better now though. Had to go to the  hospital todat morn.

Sam B

Friday, November 19, 2010

The "chadd" part 2!

These are some of the other blocks :)

Just look at the sky!

Block 6

The birds in the sky 

Flying by flying by!
The pinkish bluish Violet ish hue! 

our very own football field!

"I can reach high!"

Fear is not a factor :P

The loved black sintex tanks :)


Two is better than one!

And here comes another fridayyyyyyyyyy..............:D I love fridays!

Looking forward to the weekendddd...

Sam B