Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little joys in life: Hammocks

Source: standingonshoulders.tumblr.com
I remember you telling me about the new hammock you had bought. A new addition to your amazing home which is without any doubt one of my favorite places in this campus of ours. Set in the backyard midst the trees, it was quite a charming little nook.

Weren't we excited the initial summer days when it was set up?  Imaginary games on the hammock, laying down in twos while the leaves above played lovely shadows on our faces. The silly contests of picking up clips from the ground while swinging to and fro on the hammock. How the ropes would weigh down after a long nap on the hammock and would take sometime for the whole ensemble to resemble its former taut self.
It was a peaceful happy time, no routine, no aim in life, just swinging to the silent periodic sound coming from the ropes conflicting with the termite infested tree trunk.

It's been ages that we've not put up the hammock, I would sprint out of my chair with no pretense what-so-ever if we decide to put it up today, on this hot summer day. Somehow the summers have an immediate association to little things like these.
Maybe the rising temperatures today, makes me think about things in the past summer when I wouldn't busy myself cribbing about the immense heat and humidity and how this is the hottest summer in the history of Kharagpur.

With hopes of a hammock ride in a week's time ( Take note YOU!),
Sam B