Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I will be rising from the ground, Like a skyscraper!

As I type with my deep blue painted nails, with this song in my head, I'm thinking of a lot of things.
Like how my blog is such a bore considering people not commenting other than ria because she's adorable anyways.

This demi lovato song called skyscraper is beautiful and is so deep. Unlike the other disney stars who kind of make a music star out of themselves because that's how you do it, this girl has the talent and has the voice and is quite a singer. And what makes me look up to her is the fact that she came out to the world and dauntingly spoke out about her conditions of bi polarity, going off for rehab, how she was so frustrated behind the veil of stardom she portrayed. I tell you, she's an inspiration to all those girls out there who think they're not good enough, not strong enough, not good looking enough, girls out there who have eating disorders and are hiding themselves from the rest of the world. Demi lovato, Salutes to her :)

And yes, do listen to the song, she pours her heart out in this one!

How are you guys? What's keeping you busy? And comment if you're reading. However despo that sounds but it really makes me happy listening from you people.

The unit tests are going on. Had Physics on monday which went perfectly bad, something like the worst test I've ever given at school. And on top that, there's this teacher, new teacher...that lady has such a problem. Doesn't stop staring at me. I mean the last thing I need now is being picked on by a lady. Thank you! Such a creep.

And my very own best friend went all the way to the international level of ioi2011. And that means he with 4 others represented the country. How incredible is that and he did an amazing job :) Congratulations kid! Love you idiot! And hope you had a gala time in Pattaya!

Did shopping this time at Kolkata. Bought a pair of jeggings. They are so comfortably hot ( oxymoron? :P )
I have been reading some amazing blogs this past week. Check if you have the time,
Staring at the shit black sky,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My life is soo Bollywood now. Drama. Gossip. People Bitching. And scornful glances. Sarcasm. Gosh.

And I'm in this thing that I wasn't even a part of. HAHA GOOD JOKE! :/ This whole thing was so darn silly. Gosh. Save our class :P

Anyway, he finally talked :P However weird he acts at school, but well on the phone he doesn't. WHY CAN'T THINGS TURN TO WHAT THEY WERE BEFORE!

And My house is FULL of chocolates, all types. Dad bought trunk loads of chocolates from Mauritius. Btw it's succha pretty place....hell I wanted to go the minute he told me bout it.

Was a part of life
I leave you guys with hearts.  HAUU FAUUUNNNNNN!!!!
Dumbledore's Army :D :D

Who hasn't dreamt of having that thrust in his/her hands?
And guys guys HARRY POTTER :( It's over. Damn. Feels like there's something missing after the whole thing ended that day...have u guys seen the movie yet?!
This is soo much better than just the heart thing

I'll just say..they were sensational and stole my heart :) And that lady on the left is something close to an idol.

Hell ya!

Currently humming to 

See ya guys later, same place, some time


Thursday, July 14, 2011


New shirt I got. It's hell comfortable
Hi there,

So, I have been busy. Class 11 is busy. I have no idea how the days are flying by. Didn't I just get admitted to this class? :P Shit!

And well, there are tuitions and work to be done, homework to be done, study systematically and then listen to motivational crap from the parents. It's this whole cycle.

But hey, I'm not complaining if days like today turn up. Where I can laugh my ahem off. Where I can get drunk from the awesomeness of life. Where teasing people and chatting with people you love just make your day. Yes, I'm not complaining today. Today was a good day.

And finally some people are back in school and have started talking to me finally. :) And I did hit the tennis courts... I am a happy kid.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Here without you

Seconds pass by, minutes do too
How can I live a life all alone without you?
Next hours will pass, days will follow by
Months..years will be gone, without a reply!

Without you by my side, how can life go on
How will I grab the moments when we were one?
When you had your tired head right above mine
When our hands were intertwined belonging to the same line.

I traced through the contours of your fingers
Memorized your whole face
Days when you'll be gone
These memories will remain in my place.

We had seen the sun sink down behind the dark veil,
We spoke how on a train, we'll go, we'll sail
With the wind blowing hard and a guitar in your hands
I'll rest my head on your shoulders, the tune in us will stand.

We also spoke about our best moments
And both of us had the same
Of being with one another
How all this evolved, how it came.

We ended it all with pouring more thoughts
Of dreams and aspirations and all that we had got
With sitting by each other, time did stop
We stared at the starry sky, through the sintex tank tops.

On a spree,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To the special two :) I love you guys!

  • Where the rainbows end

  • I live in your arms
  • I dream of your warmth
  • I dream of the arch formed when you bend..
  • I dream of you, where the rainbows end.

  • Your eyes full of love
  • Your guitar strumming hands
  • I dream of a life that we could spend
  • If only we saw where the rainbows end.

  • I'll dance like I'm crazy
  • I'll shout out my love
  • I'll give you all, all I didn't know to lend
  • To you, for you, where the rainbows end.

    I've known you for ages
  • Your my bestest friend
  • There's no other two who can follow our trend
  • I know because we live where the rainbows end.

    • Where the rainbow starts and where the rainbow ends
    • We'll leave footprints raw after every bend
    • Somewhere over the rainbow, our hamlet will reign
      With dreams that we'll dream of, where the rainbow ends

    PS: If you guys haven't already stumbled upon this beautiful book, please take the effort to do. I have a copy of ebook, so send me your email,,if your interested.

    Where rainbows end aka Love Rosie
    Cecelia Ahern

    SAM B

Sunday, July 3, 2011

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

Nadal, As I write this...shocked to my knees and hurt because you've made me believe in you SO much that I can't accept the contrary to winning. I will believe in your game and cheer for from my heart once again. Shouting at every forehand down the line, defending you like anything when people question ur game and compare you with federer, I'll marvel at you court coverage and your never-give-up attitude, your unbelievable game, your double handed backhand... But it'll take time. I'll wake up tomorrow and forget all of this but then maybe remember the whole thing again from the morning paper. I'm scared of the news. But I know we'll be back on always are. Let's just hope to fight back. Regards to Djoko. He deserved this one..however hard it is for me to accept it. I love you Nadal from my heart. Amen.

In pieces, trying to pick them up