Thursday, October 28, 2010

is back :)

So just got my net connection yesterday...and have been away for a while.

It's really good to be back.

And I love my new house. It's pretty and everything is finally settling down at its own place.

Mum is excited highly and is in full swing decorating the rooms.

Tomorrow is one of my best buds bday. Happy Bday Idiot :)

And pics of the house will be posted. Better wait for the best! :D

Im tired and can't type anymore

Sam B

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Antara's BLOG :)

Okay, So this post is dedicated to a very dear friend who writes a lovely blog -

Yes. That's her under a beheaded Kurt Cobain.
* drum rolls loud and clear *

Presenting to all you misses there-

Antara aka ria aka anzie :)

Go check out her blog.

I love how she writes with simplicity and elegance . She's got lovely photos and funny stuff and her frequent mood swings all said and sung through lovely words in THAT one blog.

Some of my favorites :

 And the best thing I can come up with is -

She's the one who's inspired me to start making a blog of my own!

And from like the deepest darkest interiors of my heart :

Thank you girl! :) And keep posting :)


The new flat! Shifting : 1 day left!

Current read.
Just came back from the new house....It's different and big! Bigger than my current flat.
That's the new flat! This one's taken
from my current flat to be
ex flat's room! :P

Shifting is HARD! I mean most of the things we have are unnecessary :P And all the stupid, useless things pile up to form this huge truck-size luggage.

I am SO sure that I'll certainly lose most of my stuff through this whole process. God...It scares the shit out of me to even think about shifting. I'll be soo damn relieved when it'll be done :)

Btw, It's Isha's Big day on the 23 rd which is day after tom.

Love her :)

Nd Ujaan is in town! 

Will surely try to have fun among the mess,



The NEW look :)

It's 2.33 am. I am awake :O I can't sleep! sucks! :(

So in the meantime I did some changes in the blog! Got my blog list, kelle hampton now resides under the inspirations tag :)

End result : I think the blog looks good for now.

But the problem is I can 't random blabbering in all the posts ... I have to find out something cool to write about :P

Well here's something...I watch 90210. It's airing its third season now. The sitcom is about teenage drama in the posh life of some teenagers who are filthy rich :P. It's spicy and hot! There's full on drama in all the epis.

I am kinda glued to the show...well its soo good you knw!

90210 is stylish and like totally cool! Check some episodes out...they're all there in youtube! 

I LOVE SPORTS! I HEART SPORTS LIEK ANYTHINGGGGG! GAH! I'll die if you take away playing from me :P 

Soccer, Baddy, Volley, Tennis, Basky, Squash rock !!!! Full stop!

Btw I wore a sari on Ashtami ( durga puja 3rd day ). A sari seriously is very sexy! ;)

Will upload pics of THE sari!

I have to SHOULD sleep! 

Kill me!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have a blocked nose...nd i sound chipmunk :P

Came back from a very very boring party. I should be sleeping. I need to sleep actually. Am very sick...and weak.

It sucks. But kya kare?

Get well soon Sam :P

Bye all u healthy fit people out there,

Good nyt :)


Hey there,

Don't u just wish u had that horned head thingy? So cool!
Welcome to THE blog of THE Sam :D

So This being my first post of my first ever blog and I have absofreakinlutely no idea what this post will house :P

Well let me begin by saying that we are going to shift to a new flat. So like every other previous shifting of ours, (we've shifted 3 times already) mum is going crazy and I am being sulky. The problem or better the reason behind me being sulky is that I kind of take some time to get myself accustomed to a change :P

I wanna stay here in B - 227 but maybe I also wanna experience living in a complex with practically the whole of IIT.

One thing for sure is that I by any chance won't get bored there or won't be in dire need of a person to hangout with cos the whole place will be filled with kids and friends.

Btw the reason behind my blog is that I have turned into quite a blog reader these past 3 months and so was like why not make one of my own.

That's all for now folks,

Peace out

Sam B