Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Because I feel sad.




Yesterday @ Nesha's I finished off with Podinni. Btw did I tell you I love her?

I love her because of the way she jumps up and down and rolls over the bed seeing a lizard go over my foot..not even her foot. :P

ANDDDDD Roshni's exams are over and I've got 4 more.

And I just had Toblerone.

And with all that in mind, I feel SAD. 31st and they'll be over and hopefully I'll be taking science which means SST, Bengali will fly down the chute. HEHEHE....that's some good new don't you agree?

Chalo off to study my mother tongue....(I wish I'd be Italian or something...then studying the language would have been so sexy...cos Italian is sexy) Btw Bengali as a language is sweet but the thing is it seriously goes over my head; not tangentially just goes wayy over.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Post a 1 hr shower :P I feel like I'm out of the sets of Avatar! The pics where I am apparently there (?) :P will be uploaded later.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Fat Post Below :)

Shadowed Verses 

She slips out of her blankets
Hearing them whimper asleep
Her shadows cross dark corridors
Door to door, she creeps.

She’s unstoppable now,
All her heart now desires
To write under the candle light
Her passion high on fire.

She runs through her words
Draws stories in her head
They sleep in peace knowing
Naima has not gone ahead.

She cares of no one now
She leaves her qualms behind
Naima Ali, the upcoming writer
Is the picture she has in mind.

She remembers how they would torture her
Strangle her passion to death
She remembers the pain, the fear, the sweat
The obstacles, the walls they would set.

The pain she feels, the anger in her
She puts into her lines
Like a burning hearth that ignites the soul
Her words shout out her cries.

This is the Naima she dreams of
This is the Naima she strives to be
Through verses of love, she’ll topple weak walls
Which veiled her face, from the world to see.

Yesterday I had this "huge" emotional upsurge; very weird I tell you. Makes you go waaaaaaaaaa....but then brings out the poet in me which is a plus point. Made me write 2 poems and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out to be :P Ok I'm done with my haughtiness, so Enjoy and show some love through your comments :P

And I had NO idea Naima means tranquil. I had heard the name before and instantly loved it. Hence Naima Ali :)

Anddddd We play holi tomorrow. So Im superr duperrr excited. And Ujaan is in town and Koko is here too which makes things awesome. 

And I have PICS to share...Sam B meets her canon presents u these -

This was at Shankha's wild yet beautiful garden. Damned I don't remember the name of this beauty :P

Football at our terrace. Golu doing a super duper flip!

@Balarampur village. Mother India I call her!

My little cousin Tito; my only model for pics :P. I love him to pieces. 

Tito again.

The days of Film. Some old picture I found of baba in his college years. :) Memories.

Football @ our terrace. It can't get any better! I wish I wouldn't have cut off Golu's legs. Shit :P

Dida, one of the strongest people I know. She knows to live life. <3

Sam B and the cam. What can I say? I play around with it too much you see :|

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Holi once again!


PS All pics takes with a Canon EOS 500D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No. 78

The Exams have finally started. Had one today which was Math. Easy paper.

I hope to get a 100 if things go right. And now there's a 7 day break before the next paper which is a tough one. SST.

But before that comes HOLI. :D

PS I couldn't think of a title hence the lame 78. Don't judge me k? :P

PPS  Found this in some blog...I don't remember which though.:P The main point is that it's awesome. This is how lyrics should be written. It's soo easy to sing now and soo much fun :) And also the fact that this particular song is one of my favorites. Like I love it. And who the hell doesn't love the Beatles? WTF! U don't? Dig a grave for yourself, bang your head hard on the wall and die. Like GO LISTEN TO SOME BEATLES AND THEN COME BACK HERE. TILL THEN NO ENTRY. SRSLY. AND YES I'M SERIOUS. ( I know I get hyper with the Beatles in my mind )

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick update on stuff

Im playing a LOT of football. My cousin has come to kgp which makes things awesome. Although he loves Golu more than me but hes soo awesome that the jealousy doesnt get in between. Im kidding Golu!

Btw exams have finally FINALLY opened up there arms and I will thankfully dive in and give them a big hug. Starts with math. And then comes HOLI. Who cares abt the next exam. I have colors to put on people, water balloons to hit on wet backs, and pichkaris to play with.

Yes the color, the water ! I make a great deal out of Holi, Diwali and Durga Puja! They make me go yeaaaah :)

I took photos. Many many. Will upload them when I get time. And I'm reading the last song again. Dont ask me why.

The weather here is on and off. Sometimes its heaven and then its stinking hot.

I have been catching up with a childhoos friend and we've been chatting a lot. Good to hear from people that uve never talked for 6 yrs.

I love the fact I can share stuff with my little bro like the fact that Im secretly riding a bike and stuff. HAHA! :D He doesn't tell a soul. And we laugh like crazy people.

You can feel I'm having a good time. And before I completely whip the thought out of my stupid little mind, Kudos to ANZIE for rocking at Eng. GO you!

Bye take care rock it just move it move it


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Pokemon craze

Priyanka's post here totally took me back to my pokemon days. And yes @ 5 pm, we would all group up around the TV and go maaad about the show. That half an hour was SO important. We would be oblivious of what was going on around us.

And it didn't end there. We fought with fake pokeballs, screaming out the names of our favorites and have imaginary fights...would make them evolve after every level. It was this whole new craze.

Then the CARDS arrived. I made my ma crazzy buying cheetos to get those cards. I remember they even gave pokemon books free. We would exchange cards. It was so awesome. 

Charizard was my favorite. It evolved from charmeleon which evolved from charmander.

Then there was tyranitar...looked like an armored dragon and was soo dangerous at battle!

I remember the leaugues and how excited we would get after every win. 

Charizard was dragon-like, could fly, it could blast-burn. Was one of Ash's most powerful Pokemons. 

And pikachu with her "Pikka Pikka" was all along the show. Jigglypuff and her doodling on faces. And the songs, we knew all of them by heart.

I have soo much to write about but can't because of the EXAMS :|  

Anyways leaving you with a pic of Charizardddddddddddddd

Pokemon was my favorite anime when I was a kid....Buying DVDs of the whole series is totally there on my bucket list..

Buh bye,
SAM B :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hear me out!


To begin with .... the damned exams haven't even started. I look around me and see people celebrating the post exam fun and how they'll get new books and will go to the next class. And here we are stuck with exams that haven't even started. How irritating is that!

And it's soo hot here in kgp. As if we've run through a time lapse and landed on May where you want to wear the minimum of clothes and stay in AC ed rooms the whole day. Sucks the heat sucks.

And on top of it, there's this wrist sprain which is just plain bad and makes me completely complain about it the whole day. And the doc says no football for 30 days. Is that humanly possible I ask you? What has the world come to? Stop playing for 30 freakin days for an insignificant sprain? I mean seriously! U want me dead?

And the only silver lining I see amidst all this nonsense, is a party today night.

Thank you.

And @Antara I wish I had my exams over. U have no idea how loserrrrrr I feel right now with stupid SST books all arnd me! *sigh*

Funny movie there. Watch it if you haven't already. The proposal!
Bye bye,


Thursday, March 3, 2011

That was some day. :)

We had seen the sun sink down behind the dark veil,
We spoke how on a train, we'll go, we'll sail
With the wind blowing hard and a guitar in your hands
I'll rest my head on your shoulders, the tune in us will stand.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pissed of is what I'll call my state of mind

I don't get it. If I make a mistake and blurt out something I shouldn't have done, it's a MISTAKE. So stop telling me how I've ashamed you and all. Why do you even care what they think? STFU ! Srsly. Enuf.

Ihateit. Ignore the post. Its none of ur business


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WHAT SHE WORE : Black n Blue

Presenting my mother :)


Black Kurti : FabIndia
Peacock blue dupatta: W
Earrings: City centre, Kolkata
Jeans: Pantaloons

She doesn't wear jeans often but today morning was different :D 

Keep it simple,