Friday, September 28, 2012

Sing to me

I remember making this blog firstly, because I felt like writing and more importantly for keeping an account of what all that I've been doing throughout the years.

So, this is something I'd like to remember; the fact that Shankha got a bronze at the International Olympiad in Informatics, 2012, in Italy. And not the fact that he's going around the country riding gondolas in Venice, drinking Whiskey and being all adventurous, not that part no! Anyway when I first got to know about the whole thing, it really did NOT sink in, I mean the magnitude of the success, but now I MEAN the only guy from India to get a medal, a MEDAL, is like fucking crazy. And the best part is if you meet him, you'll have no clue that THIS GUY IS A PRODIGY. I mean he has no air of showing off the fact that he might be the smartest kid of his generation. Just saying. That's something to learn from him. I wish I was the same, but well! :| Anyway, so he'll be off to some awesome college, might go to MIT, so yeah THIS is something I'd like to remember. Congratulations to you once again mate, you make me proud in more ways than that you can think of. :)

Other than that, there is this other person that I'd like to write about. I think I really haven't written much about her here. But considering she is someone so close to me, I want to remember how amazing she's been. And from that I mean from the time I was a little baby girl. Yes, that is how long I've known her. We've practically grown up together. Played the weirdest of games, have been crazy fans of TV shows, of songs, of hotties. We've celebrated 17 birthdays, 17 Saraswati Pujos, 17 Diwalis. She was always there, always there to take me back home. I can tell her everything in the world without a second thought.  She's someone I call when I'm sitting in the loo and am bored to my wits. Now, this person I'm talking about might be the most disciplined, balanced person you may know of. People around the campus DO NOT know how fun and crazy she can be. And then again she's a freakin genius too. ( I AM SURROUNDED BY SUCH SPECIES. Sigh.. ) I love her. I love spending time with her. I love how she is so simple and down-to-earth. I love how I am a little guarded when I tell her about boys. ( :P You know that!). I love how she loves Grey's Anatomy as much as I do. 

There you go, two utter geniuses, but such lovely human beings. Such fun to be with. Yes, I'd like to remember you two foreverandeververeverever..

SHANKHA now stop with the gelatos. And ROSHNI GET A GUY. :P


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I’ll dance like no one’s watching
I’ll jump off with not an ounce of fear
I’ll run like the wind is after me
I’ll sing like there’s millions waiting to hear.

The moment the lights are on
The blood red curtains draw away for me
The curious stares make me wobbly beneath
I leap in the air, let myself go free.

The music engulfs my every sense
I flutter away through its sublime line
Starting slow I sway through the tune
My body is light, the stage is mine.

I command every sight in front
They are enticed by my Pirouette’s spot on
The music takes its beats a step ahead
One more leap, I’m off the ground.

I fall hard, I hear a crack
The audience is on their feet
The music stops, a sudden shriek
A child’s cry cuts me off my beat.

Perturbed, I run for the beat
I cling on to it in beautiful grace
I hate the child with the golden locks
The tune, the song is back in place.

The stage is red, circles of red
The song is playing in my head
One more jump, I land perfect
I am euphoric of my pirouette.

I don’t remember the curtains close
I don’t remember the end
Did I amaze the crown with my grand jete?
I hope this time my legs weren’t bent.

I hope daddy held me in my arms
Whispering how proud a father he was
I hope he would still buy me those new ballerinas
Like he promised to me, I hope he does.
It’s strange how all I remember now
Is the music going away, too far away
Where did I go wrong, what did I miss
My mind won’t tell me, I hit rewind and play.

I wonder all this while I lay on bed
With a lost leg, and a dead heart
I had danced till my last fall down
I had danced from the very start.
I had danced when the lights were on
When shutterbugs kept making it hard
I had danced till all I saw seemed dark
I had loved every move, every nick, and every spark.

-----This has been lying ignored in my drafts for a long time now, high time I publish it here.
I've always loved dancing, hope you can connect to it even if you are a non-dancer. But who doesn't love to secretly dance when no one's watching? I bet you do.
Keep shaking it senoras ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

A post of pictures.

The last Teachers day of school.
5th September. Wrapping up long pretty saris over tired bodies (late night sleep). Teaching classes. Taking in the shizz of the teacher's staff room. Tons of pictures.  Tons of poses. The red roses. The dancing in the class.  The food. The company. The after-party. The CCD madness. The scooty rides. The crazy ass rain. The friends who make you cry and weep and talk shit and then drop you back home. The class, even though how much you hate it at times is so close to your heart that you have no idea how. The and all.


Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sarah was a girl of knowledge. Someone who knew what she wanted, who didn’t roam around the
ice-cream parlour deciding on what flavour to feast on. She loved books; the smell of books, her
fingers would pass through those yellowed pages, making them yellower by the touch. She lived on
a language none in her family spoke of or even knew of. She dreamt of dancing in the arms of the
scandalous yet handsome Rhett Butler, of being friends with Darrell Rivers in her six terms of Malory
Towers, of the trees of Nainital how they swished and swooshed as the times of the monsoon came.

She had her own little nook, where she’d elope when the night would give away, when the house
would be bustling with hungry men drinking to the brim, where her innocence would be juggled by
men with hungry eyes and hands the size of her timid body. All that separated her from the filthy
shenanigans of the night outside would be a cranky door latch and a world of imagination tucking
her in to sleep to a much safer abode, to a morning where the house would be so quiet that she
could finally be.

Living in a man’s world was a task she was born with. She wasn’t used to emotions, to teenage love,
to going crazy about the next MTV stint. She wasn’t used to staring at mannequins, to tapping away
on trashy touch-screens, to manicured fingers and pedicured toes.

The house rarely smelt of food. Rarely would there be a pan frying or the sizzle of burnt biriyani
masala her Ammi used to recklessly burn, but that was two years ago. Sarah was now the only
woman in between the ravenous beasts.

Her only escape would be Charu and Panchali, people of the same mind set but with four-wheelers
to step on to head back to their respective homes in the posh area of Ballygunge Place. Charu
and Panchali might be her only solace but they would never understand, would never know how
cold it was for her outside, how she was in this psychological trauma, this anxiety, how her very
adolescence was a thing she was scared of. How the very sound of Abbu’s arrival with the Koran
tightly held under his armpits was the most ironic image she had ever seen, even more than the
fictitious work she was so used to reading.

Abbu was a child molester. Someone the crew from the new show Aamir Khan had come up with
would pay a bunch of rupees to secure, someone they were taught to fend away at school, and
someone who would be a felonious criminal in the eyes of the media and the public in general.

Sarah was a girl of knowledge. Someone who knew what she wanted, but had only patches of
dreams of a reality she would never get hold of.


Source: Pinterest

Little something I wrote at school, just scribbled down some words and voila had something to get rid of the worst kind of writer's block. :/ And yes I hear you, the inspiration and what I came up with are like miles apart but PINTEREST does that to you I guess. 
I think Deepika Padukone (?) looks absolutely breath-taking and I REALLY REALLY need to get my nose pierced. SIGH