Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 29th day of Fantabulous February!

Heyloo Guys,

It's the very last day of Feb, and the end of Fantabulous February!! You will be missed dearly, I swear. 
Anyway moving on to today's inspiration which by the way is very appropriate considering its that one extra day today!

The leap of faith

Every day at 6 in the morn, Kamal would scurry up the hill in his torn pair of Batas, bustling through the Deodars; reaching his everyday spot just by the banks of the Teesta. Amongst the gurgle, burble and the splash his eyes would juggle between looking up and checking the time from his crooked watch every once in a while. He couldn’t wait as the time had come. The rush of Adrenaline. The leap of faith.

"Jumping heights" has been working in Sikkim for two years now. With its base over the gushing Teesta below, it is a must visit for every adrenaline junkie far and near. Single-handedly, under the efforts of Sameer shah, a professional Bungee jumper from Australia, "Jumping heights" is the country’s first cantilever bungee platform built over a rocky cliff overlooking the lifeline of Sikkim, the emerald Teesta.

Kamal couldn’t wait as he saw hordes of people gathering over the cliff; all geared up and ready. He knew the whole story behind every jump. Standing on the edge, people would look down into the rocks, the daunting shallow river below. He would scrutinize every person up there, there mind screaming out fears of: What if the cord snaps? What if I hit my head? What if? He would watch as Sameer would delicately assure the person of no such fear. With legs tied up, the guy would take baby steps and and hold on to the iron guard; unable to let go.

Falling is the only decision that makes us think twice. To release or not?  To stop still or to hear the loud thumping under our chest.

“Ready 1,2,3…bunjee” Kamal could hear Sameer shout; the waiting jumpers join in. First take, the person doesn’t jump. The trainer shouts words of support. “You can do it. It’s all in the mind” Once again, “Ready one, two, three..Bungee” and he plunges into the valley, shouting his lungs out.

The process would go on, every jump, every leap of faith, every release was ultimate solace to Kamal. He knew he’d never be able to join in; what with the 10 ruppee note in his second hand shorts. He scurried up the hill heading back home chuckling to what Bhaijaan had said the other day; “Kamal it’s okay to not do the bungee; you should be knowing that driving in India is much riskier than jumping off a cliff.” However absurd that sounded, he somehow knew that was true.
He bid the Teesta farewell for the day and to his prospect to feel alive with promises of being back tomorrow, to feel the rush one more time, to feel the infinite.


Waiting for your feedback! 
Bungee jumping has been in my bucket list right up the ladder and being a harcore adrenaline jumkie I CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT! It gets to me even when I'm typing this over here. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT..whenever it is. Anyway, I hear Soumi is going to host the MEMORABLE MARCH! So exciting. Kanika, it's been a lovely journey...though I've started pretty late, it's been fab! 
And a big SHOUTOUT to ANTARA, KIRTI, NIL, RUHANI, PEABEE ...and whoever else is giving the dreadful BOARDS tomorrow. Chill guys and do your bestest! 

Stay calm and take the leap forsureeee,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty Six!

Namaste Doston! 

SO, other than the fact I missed writing on that amzing bulb crashing to the floor...with 1 hour to go; I'm back in the FANTABULOUS FEBRUARY with day 26! *drum roll* 

Today's inspiration:


Every time I close my eyes
I only see your face
Through sea green doors
And drunken stupors
You’re the sunflower that I chase.

I yearn for lost moments, midnight trysts
To wake up to a painless morn
Through imperfections of my wooden wall
Your smile is always the dawn.

Behind closed doors,
Your sunshine grows
Heartache and regret remain
Knowing that to tear down this wall
Would only end in senseless pain.

I yearn for starry nights, random bickering
Hate to wake up to a painless morn
Through creaks and cracks of my wooden wall
Your smile, my love is always; always the dawn.

Okay it's the same old romantic stuff...and you'll go "God that same old shit. B.O.R.I.N.G!". But for the utterly romantic ( read: Anuja darling :P (Now have I crossed it? :P ) it never gets old. Anyway, it's a simple little poem with a lot of heart, the cliched way of saying it! Hope you feel the love, 
and about that do check out 
Kanika's post here :
And Anuja's here:


(just saying its the best)

To my sunshines out there,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty Three!

Hello guys :)

Day 23! Another Fantabulous February ( How catchy is that! ) on your way!

Today's inspiration:

The Parallel Universe

The rocky roads go east and west
Moving west, the conifers sway in the breeze
As I drive east towards the water front
Did I catch a little rustle in the leaves? 

I catch you walking west, looking through the lens
Aiming at a bird, hoping it sits still
With the silkiest hair I'd ever seen
You glide nonchalantly, down this bushy hill.

The rows of Cedar lining the meandering paths
Keep us infinitely separated, in parallel worlds
Diagonally parked in the liquid sky
A glimpse, a smile to behold.

Don't you think the picture is so inspiring? And you must go over and read Anuja's post over here :)
(who is the very founder of this amazinggg initiative ( I will say that every time I post! Period.)

Get inspired today, 
And hopefully see you tomorrow.
Sam B

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty Two!

Hello Fellas,

I started out crappy with the Fantabulous Feb, but 2 posts back to back is not bad, eh? 

Today's inspiration! 
(Definitely saving this pic..Ruhani sahi hai yaar :))

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ― Galileo Galilei

I wish my life was as simple as Judy's next door. I wish I wouldn't have to see glasses shatter at quiet dining spaces; wallpapers scraped away from the wall; I wish promises of life long love to each other would not be broken in fits of insecurity; I wish Tess would not have to witness situations that would give up his faith in love and family at such a small age like I already had. I wish each and every night wouldn't be a new episode of watching my family crumbling to pieces. And the worst thing is how nothing can be me and Tess just walk away from the room whenever we have an inkling that the skies will be rough tonight; we try to drift into our own in my thoughts; Tess in his music. We knew that someday not far away the final words will be said; but no we were not ready today. The proceedings were undertaken. For one last time, we were all huddled into the drawing room; with the same old fireplace burning for the last 21 years. Me and Tess were told to listen to their decision; a decision we already knew but tried to forget with all our might. Ours minds were not functioning to words of comfort " This decision will not affect you know we love you..don't you?" Transfixed, we nodded throughout. Then came the showering of how they were sorry and had not planned this and then my mind stopped to register. I think I saw them start their same routine once again forgetting the whole reason behind this Friday night gathering. I pulled Tess by his sleeve and took him to my safe abode; the place that had given me shelter to nights like these; sitting under the hood of our car we watched the sky, connecting dots midst the vast frozen expanse of unreachable stars....
We had loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. 

Again, check out Kanika's post!
Wrote this in a hurry, could have done better I guess. But I have limited time this time of the year (read exams) :/ And whoever is interested give it a try.

Have an amazing Wednesday,
Sam B

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fantabulous February - Day Twenty One!

Hey :)
So finally I'll do a Fantabulous Feb post like it should be done, Check out Kanika's blog for details and join y'all!

Today's inspiration

My post : Imaginary lover

Someday I'll meet you by chance. The circumstances of our life will over the years bring us to a merged path. I imagine that from then on we will see the world differently. As I meet you, an aura of silence will spread. The  words that used to come out with ease somehow will not be exchanged. A blush, a quivering smile, a look away to gain composure. Somehow we will drop our guards and stare at each other, bright eyed...our gasps will be louder by the second. The sense of magic will be palpable. Dumbstruck, I'll see you come over; as the space between us will be diminished in the physical world and in our hearts. Our secrets will be out as whispers in the wind as we float like paper lanterns in the depths of our desires. 
All this while you will be quiet; as they say sometimes words are just not enough.

You can read Kanika's post for today, here.

That's my post for today :) and before I forget Happy Bday to my dearest of people, you are the Shizzzzz Ria. And hell yeah, words are not enough for the gratitude I feel towards you...will "I love you" do for now? :)

 To Ria *raises her tropicana* 18 yrs old! Man things are legal for you now toh; geez I'm jealous :P
*The biggest hug ever*

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fantabulous (not!) February - DAY 20!

Dear readers, ( Pardon my boring greetings )

There is nothing Fantabulous about this drab February morning.
Reason: Exam tomorrow.

Anyway I have this new blog look and have some productive work to flaunt off while I am off giving a 3 hr test :P Here you go, 6 sketches I did...note that I've not sketched before this and so am beginning hence honest criticism will be appreciated.

See you soon,

Sam B

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fantabulous February - DAY 15!

Look what I got yesterday, sure am ONE LUCKY GIRL!

Say hi to scrubbie! He's squishy, spongy, cuddly and has the cutest bum :P

Have a terrace date todayyyyyy...yahoooo! Golu, Shankha, DO NOT BUTT OUT OF THIS ONE!

And this one goes to Isha, my best friend. We are all there for you, come out strong from this tragedy with beautiful memories of your friend. No one of us can imagine what you are going through. Life can be so unfair at times. It's the most painful thing ever, losing a friend. Hope he rests in peace and I love you. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fantabulous February - DAY 14!

3rd post of the month, not worth scrutinizing me okay? Peace hain! :P * @ roshni wink wink *

Well, as today is THE Valentine's day, what are your plans?? Nil, Antara andddd Remyaaa, I hope you guys are NOT studying your asses off; are your valentines your 6 kg books or is there this pwetty boy waiting by the door with a limo parked by your house and a flower held behind his back. I'm going for the latter! :P

As for me, I had this amazing start to V-day. Starting with helping Golu with some gift picking, guys are so screwed up as far as WHAT to give :P, then we went off to the local sweet shop which thankfully had not wrapped at 9.30 pm and bought chocolates and malpoa. AHAHA! There were shops with heart shaped PINK, RED pillows, balloons, flowers everywhere. Crazy times in this little town of ours. And you should have seen the cards, they were huge...I mean for some girl ( Let's consider hypothetically this girl being someone who has to disclose her relationship status from people at home ) if she would have got something that huge would have a hard time shoving it at some place in her room.

Anyway, then we bought 1 rose and 2 name-not-known-2-me flowers and this is the bestttt part, we ran back home and called our moms and golu's grandma to the little space we have in front of our house and presented them flowers. Cutest thing ever...then you know about overwhelmed bong moms, how they squeeze you soo hard with their hugs that you can't even hug them but instantly have your hands up to the sky crying for help then those sloppy kisses OH GOD.

Statutory warnings: Beware of bengali aunties moms whatever if then get so damn happy with you, YOU then have to run away from them, don't wait for the "aay ekhane shona". :P Thank me later! Golu, amazing start to Valentine's day!
And I know this one day concept of spreading love and all is damn absurd, but its nice to be pampered with chocolates maybe or getting this book that you wanted for ages wrapped in a beautifully handmade paper bag or watching this big run of rom coms back to back on HBO. ( If you have nothing else to do, checkout for the movies)

I'm thinking on the lines of watching HBO, with a bucket of chocolate ice cream, chilling with friends OH OH OH before this completely evaporates out, I AM OFF FIITJEE FOR 2 whole weeks. I could shout out my love for life off my terrace, HAPPY DANCING throughout the day.

For the ones alone this year :
FUNN eh?
And to the others getting all decked up for theeee night, dahlingggggsssss this one is for you!

A little Gleeee for you!
And for people like meeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Anyway whichever one you are, go spread the pyaar, and hope you have a lovey-dovey-stinkingly-mushy-making-people-around-u-squirm day
Kisses from me and the besttt cupcakes evaaa


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fantabulous February - DAY 7!

I had planned to follow Kanika's awesome initiative but you know what?! like I had comprehended; that didn't work out! So have my 2 nd post of the month! Still wayyy better than what I could produce the last month!
I love watching Gilmore girls. I mean Lorlei has to be the funniest lady ever...WHO can ever talk nonsensical stuff like the way she does? It's insane. I have to say the whole story behind the sitcom, it feels so real..there's no exaggeration. I love how insane the whole town of Stars Hollow is. Each and every character has a part to play and it's a very well made show.
So, today was a holiday. I mean a holiday on Monday is like the best thing evaaa...who doesn't love the very IDEA of sleeping through a Monday morning, sipping on coffee while the other people in this world are rushing off to office, kids singing the national anthem in lines getting bored by every second. No girls, that wasn't me today! Other than that I missed the book fair this year, never happened to me before. THIS DAMNED YEAR is making me miss ON SO MUCH! Hell with class 11 and fiitjee...whatever. Anyway, so I plan to go fliipkarting and buy as much as I want. Maybe the sisterhood series, the rooftops of tehran, I am buying books that's all!
Other than that, I had this amazing dinner at Shankha's, shrimp in white sauce and I loved it! I ahev a thing with food, I love eating...I'd say I live to eat among other things, but yes food is a primary reason.

Well, Back to watching Gilmore,



Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fantabulous February - DAY ONE! ( more like day 2 )

As per Kanika's awesome initiative, I will try to post through all of February because I figured out writing one small post is soo much more productive than watching re-runs of Gilmore girls in my free time!

So, join in you guys! It'll be fun! :) 

The first month of the year went like a blur, well my whole 2011 did; guess this is the enigma of class 11 if you're running to and fro from kgp to kolkata. Saraswati Puja was fun...the scooty rides to the pandals all over the campus, wearing a sari which I couldn't hold onto much long, the late night decorations before THE day, sleeping through whole of the evening and then going out with the friends, it was all that I needed to vent out from the studies and pressure and life where you are expected to do this and do that; you get my cranky behavior don't you? well, this is how it is most of the days. Anyway 38 people reading my blog makes me feel good. It's weird ( I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE LEARN TO WRITE THE CORRECT SPELLING OF WIERD! Thank god for spell check!) at times how I started with just my lovely little cute sa Anzie but now there are 37 others :) Thank you; you guys...

So that's it for now, join in the bandwagon!!