Monday, December 31, 2012

And the year ends..

I would not like to reiterate what has been going on round the country, I really have nothing more to add to the sorrow, the devastation and anger that we all have brimming in our bodies right now. We've all faced such situations on daily basis in a very minor level on the streets, jeers and lewd comments and hardly have we protested. We try not to interfere scared of the consequences. Like I read someone say in the newspapers, when girls like us will be fearless enough to protest against these animals, that is when change will come. And I strongly believe so. 
The objectification of women is one of the main reasons behind the patriarchal mindset that permeates our nation. And the biggest culprit to this would be the media, Bollywood. Media which is so capable of analyzing every situation would do some good by occasionally channeling their investigation to what problems they have been creating. Only to keep their TRP's high and sending out advertisements to keep the business running, they don't even care if they are portraying women as sex objects while on the other hand there are making movies taking a stand against the practice.  Why this fake facade of always looking for the welfare of the people whereas all you care for is profit? If you are so concerned of women objectification, why not stop airing such ads?
And yes seeing the whole nation finally wake up to the call, really does garner some hope. When you see women punching officers right on their face, when you see women day in and out fighting their asses off, falling down yet dusting off their trousers and standing up, when you hear the fact that more men than women are on the streets shouting for justice, I know there will be a change. 
I've always wanted to study in Delhi someday, the city had fascinated me when I'd gone there long back. But I hardly think my family will feel it to be safe to send me off to the city. And I'm sure this is true for so many other girls in the country. How sad is it that a person's career choice has to be made by putting into account such things? Why can't I be safe in a state that is supposed to be the most secure in the country? Who has given the right to make us feel afraid all the time?
We all live in fear consciously or subconsciously. Whenever I go cycling down a dark alley, I am scared. Whenever two men on a bike cross me slowly staring at me like they've never seen a girl before, I am scared. I am frustrated with the restrictions on us and the constant fear. The fact that one evening two years back I had to push a man off his cycle once when he'd tried to harass me scares me every time I cycle down that area. I remember how I was completely frozen with fear and had cycled as fast, shaking within. 

Silence is not an option. This is our right, we study equally hard, we earn as much as men, we are meant to party, to wear whatever we feel like, drink as much as we want, and damn well to be there fearless on the streets at 1 am at night.

Hoping for a changed new year,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Karaoke afternoons.

PS- Excuse the obnoxious last part, the losing the beat every frikkin time part. Okay, next time I'll make a better effort. Didn't feel like redoing, you know. :P Usually I'm better than this crap.
Bored to death,
Sam B.