Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little tour of Ladakh for you

Dear Readers,
Hope you guys are still there even though its been eons back that I've posted here. 
Well, I was busy. Believe me or not! There was this phase test, school exams, annual day prac. 
And diwali was great. Made this huge rangoli! 

Then we have our annual day on friday which is exciting. So happy times ahead, mate!
Anyway, isn't masterchef superr awesomeee. God, it's so addicting.

Phaltu sab baat choro, Ladakh pics here baby. Check out!

The ever amazing jumping pics, this was @ a monastery in Leh, just beside our guest house.
My personal favorite monastery out there. Monasteries are so calm and peaceful and have this unsaid aura.

Changla pass, 17590 ft. We had to pass through this pass on the way to the pangong lake.
Juley is namaste in Tibetian. The snowy mountains so near felt like I was on top of the world.

The pangong lake. The 3 idiots lake. It's breathtaking. No wonder that last scene was the best :)
The lake was seeing hues of blue my eyes had never laid upon before. 

Pangong tso. Pardon me and my dad's eccentric photography. We go nuts :P

These white stupas are strewn all over ladakh. This was at some place near the Hemi's monastery.

Pangong tso. Through glasses yo!
That's 0.0000000001% of ladakh for you. For the rest, stay tuned.

Some time, same place, love always


ps. there's plans of a joint blog with Antara :) hopefully.


  1. YES! Thank YOU! I need to go to your house and view the other pics because I have NO bharosa on you about posting them :P

    (psst...joint blog's supposed to be a secret for now...idiot)

  2. Loved, absolutely LOVED THE PHOTOS BABE! Was waiting for them for a while :P ;)
    The ballet pose wala photu is GORGEOUS. Pleaaase profile it on Facebook, it's a beaaaauty I tell ya!
    I missed you Sam! Thank good lord you're back with a banggg ;)

  3. @antara Bhorosha rakh kaje debe :P DUDEEEE imma freaking outttaa anuualll dayy a here a ( I LOVE BEING LAME SO SHUT UP ) Andddd what abt the blog ? ;)

  4. @nil I did profile it. And there are some more photos. Tor fedora pic er pashe kichu ashe na :P

  5. Arre chaap nishna...toder naach ta te shob cheye beshi taali porche.
    Ufff....can't you shut up about the blog in here :-P
    and I am in this slight emotional mess right now :-P about you know who.

  6. By the way...I took a (difficult) decision. Need to talk to you about it...my mind is a mess

  7. bhatttt! kickass chobi tor :) arrey koi gelii? toke aar amar blog'e khuje pai na :(


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