Monday, December 12, 2011

The late night post

It's 2:09 am; which is latteeeeee and there's school in like 5 hrs.

So what am I doing?

Well, watching YouTube videos. And probably I'll be asleep tomorrow at school. In 3.15 hrs I plan to go out running which I think will hardly happen :/ It's like suddenly I wanna run the mile; take out my running shoes; shorts and hit the road.

Another thing that I'm loving at the moment is my issshhhtupiddd hair....I'll tell you whyyyy! The hair is awesome in the wind. It's like all super heroish and even better in the city lights with my head practically out of the car and the cars zooming down the street.

What are your favorite things to do when you're bored? Tell me in the comments!

Mine would be:

1. SHOUT and fight with mom
3.Think abt Rafael Nadal every few second. No kidding
5.Play with the football till mum goes crazy and tells me to go OUTSIDE with the ball.

New found love:  walking to school; it's so amazing and refreshing.

And sports day scares's weird! Once I'm all super excited and next time I'll like " I'm so damn out of practice and WHAT WILL I DO"...and there I start worrying. So I'm going out running in 3 hrs!

My whole face like all 2 fermi-acres of it has PIMPLES. IT'S frustrating; makes me feel like running a bulldozer over them; they are so discomforting and annoying and make my head look like a cheetah's :P.

So NIL...WHERE HAVE YA BEEN? I miss reading ur stuff....

ANTARAAAAAAAA Bestttttaaaaaaa of luckkkaaaaa for the ongoing tests!

The BLUE PERIWINKLE; you might as well terminate that blog of your IF YOU DON'T POST. WHATS WITH YOU..PEOPLE HERE READ UR BLOG!

And every other person out thereeeeeeee.... CHRISTMAS IS HEREEEEEEEE :P


Currently reading: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.


  1. Yo. My physics paper went so horrible je ki bolbo. Whole class started laughing when we got the paper...seriously...we all were like "maam take the papers...we don't feel like giving this exam really" :-P

    oh i miss my 3.00 computer trysts!!!!
    I need to go out running and all...i am going to buy a skipping rope. I am really serious about it this time...i am gaining a bit of a flab...

    Oh and i miss you :-((

  2. Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Hello my love! I'veeee... been around!!
    Kinda went on a quiet break from blogger for a bit, and I anticipate getting back sooner than you think! maybe tonight? :D

    Arreyy do a photo update naa yaa! I wanna see the sexy smokin' hair styyllee in length ;)

    Antara, good luck for the tests!

    to you two <3

  3. What are your favorite things to do when you're bored? Tell me in the comments!

    Did ya guys completely ignore this? SAM B is disheartened :P

  4. @Nil thanks. Totally need it and you would know why ;) <3 to you too!!!

    @Sam hehe ok ok here i am posting it.

    My fav things to do when i am bored-
    1. Watch trailers of movies. Any movie. Shitty rom coms, drama, blasting action, al pacino scenes, johnny depp movies...anything.
    2. Irritate my mom :-P
    3. Open blogs...see no new posts....close them again....repeat. Ok maybe this is not my fav thing to do :-P
    4. Call you
    5. really i don't have anymore i think. :-P i become a very not-fun person to be with when i am bored. I get cranky and annoying.ask my mom :-P

  5. ageo ekta comment korechilam.. kono karone post hoyni..

    {flickr flickr .. !}
    else if(iAmStillBored)
    {go out, shoot children}
    else if(iAmStillBored)
    {go out for a loong cycling in the prembazar jungles}
    {remain bored.. :P}

  6. @antara and debmalya da

    Thank you for the lists. Quite insightful...I find you people do better things than what I do :P


  7. found my list better? Watching shitty trailers? :-P seriously?

    Debmalya da's IS good. I mean it is productive!!


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