Thursday, March 15, 2012



The exams are over! Good times ahead now before class 12 descends. How frickin crazy is it that we are the senior most class in school? I feel laid back and happy all of a sudden, reading books, going out to eat, playing soccer, NOT fretting over stupid exams!
Have been reading the Mediator series, Meg Cabot. It's about this girl who can see the dead talk to them and help them clear their conscience and free them from hanging around after death. What I think is, the book is a lot better than the princess diaries which are so damn SAME. Mia ranting on about life and how hard it is o be a princess now. BITE ME! :/ Anyway so Mediator is way sensible than that, but still I would refer to the book as 'time pass'. It's a light read and you can finish off in a few hours. So, read it if you have nothing else to do. And holy moly, there's this dead person who is supposedly hot and has a six pack, still have no clue how that works. :P
Other than that, I've realized this thing that screws me up big time. And that is PLANNING on what to do. If I come up with a plan to finish off whatever it is I want to, in 5 mins I'm slacking off. It's so screwed up. I've made up a plan so not to PLAN things out and do things spontaneously hoping I'll get more work done that way. And what is with all my creative juices overflowing my tank during the exams and NOW all of a sudden I'm completely drained of anything creative. It's not even fair. I tell you, the exams have this hidden good side to them. I wrote for fanta feb, drew sketches for the first time, danced a lot more than usual.
And now all I'm doing is reading books, sleeping and mending by cut leg. Worthless. My butt does not move and make me start writing something and hence this pointless post. Anyway I wrote this thing after listening to Katy Perry, took the first line; has the same tune. 

Summer love

Summer after high school when we first met
Over chit chat and flip flops we were all set
Mornings began with goofing round the beach.

Used to take piggy back rides, play in the blues
Talk about our futures, like we have a clue
Never knew that one day you’d be a stranger too.

Sneaking to your terrace, catching fireflies
Laughing through the night, till the lights would die
Would pinch myself hard to know if this was true?

Cos, in that night of ours
You were the light in that dark place
Over cans of coke and promises
Our friendship was there to stay

Cos in that night of ours
You were captured in my jar
Crawl out or peep through
You would not go any far

You were my summer love from May..

Your wonky blue truck, the Panera breads
The feather you used to braid down my head
Drawing footprints and building castles in the sand

Fighting and squabbling over TV shows
Messing around at the rowdy circus below
Never thought that one day I’d be losing you.
Cos you were my army fool
That summer that we met
Over fireworks and magic shows
Not once did I regret

Cos you were my army bloke
You went off to save our land
We had to break up over silent stares
As my legs gave away in the sands

Boy, You were my love from May..

I feel the beach is my calling. :D

Have a great day,


  1. And so finally an update, eh?
    Goddamit, lucky you. My exams are faaaar from ending :/
    I haven't read books in 4 months :/ Also, yes. The ghost in the Mediator series IS hot.

    Also, Read the 'Missing' series by Jenny Carrol (Meg Cabot/same people.)
    They're the best of the lot.

    Anyhoo, enjoy your time off, Sammy! :)

  2. ^This is Nil, by the way.

    (there's something wrong with your comment section... can't log in and comment) :/

  3. Ohnygod, that was sooo good!! I LOVE that song, its one of my favourite Katy perry songs.
    Really liked your lyrics, it fits so well with the tune, and even those who havent heard the song will like it, im sure :)

  4. @PeaBee (got that right this time :P ) Thank you girl! Yes, suckers for that song ya!

  5. I agree with PeeBea! Wonderful lyrics!
    And bah! I never really liked The Princess Diaries for some reason :|

  6. @Ruhani Firstly wait till "PEABEA" gets to see your comment :P She's wouldn't be delighted over the PEE would she now? :P

    Anyway, Thank you :) and yes Mia and her princess world is whacked up :/

  7. @Nil

    I have no idea what went wrong them. Ur comments got spammed :/ Anyhow, I will be looking out for MISSING and best of luck for the rest of the tests :D

  8. Hahaha xD
    Okay faaine, since you guys like to associate me with certain forms of excreta so much, I think I'll allow you to call me that :P
    Oh and i was so caught up by your lyrics that I forgot to comment on the rest of the post! I like the Mediator series alot more too! Although the 10th PD book was nice.
    And congrats on the exams getting over ;)

  9. Hey, I like Princess Diaries! :\

    And my exams are over too! :D

  10. u can rhyme!!!
    nice :)
    i love summer, summer is the time not to be lazy

  11. @Meghana
    Thank you :) PD was a bit boring for me :/

  12. OMFG!! That was awesome! :)

    I read Mediator ka first three books , I guess. I thought the princess series was better. Funnier.

    MY exams got over yest, and today I am absolutely BORED> nothing to do at all. Absolutely nothing. :|

  13. @The Blue Periwinkle
    HELLO STRANGER? Where the heck were you all this time?
    I missed you and your awesome comments. Welcome back! Thank god boredom quirks that brought you here! Now GO PUBLISH STUFF!

  14. Holy.Crap.
    This was so frickin good. Wow wow wow. Absolutely LOVE this piece.
    I found Princess Diaries to be boring. :-P The Boy Series is sooo much better.

    Oh and disable this comment verfication thing man... :-P

  15. @AntaraHeyy! Thank you :)

    I will do that. Missed you here, good that you're back! AND THE ENDS NEAR GIRL...SO NEAR. Ain't you excitedd??!!

  16. heyy credit for MEDIATOR? X( not fair! kiddin! cool one :)

  17. this is absolutely a professional songwriter if i may say!
    Loved it..:)

    1. Holyshit, JUSHDIIII Ur hereeeeeeee.....Thank you :) :*


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