Friday, November 16, 2012

Lost Postcard

 I will be standing somewhere you don’t know
I will be looking out from behind the door
You might not see me, you might not care
But you will know, you never have to stare.

As hard I try to break free of you
As hard I pine to finish what we have
But then the music plays and you lay your arm
And I gently slide back into your wicked charm.

Through all this time I’ll talk to myself
Whisper words of encouragement, of not letting this go on
You my boy will sit in your princely attire
While I dread the word, and times bygone.

There will be empty glasses and left over food
And sleepless nights just to fool around
There will be reruns of the same crappy TV show
And poetry that flows without the usual bound.

I wish I was the kind that doesn’t give a shit
But I’m a far cry from those lucky ones I swear
I’ll still care for you even if I don’t want to
I’ll still stoop back to your secluded lair.

I hate you and your adoring face
I hate the fact that I am so weak in my skin
I hate how you make me feel unarmed and chained
I hate how you never let me win.

Still I’ll stand somewhere from a distance
I’ll try to utter words I’ve practiced so hard
You may bet I’ll fail for the umpteenth time
And will be hanging round like a lost postcard.

Picture Taker: Antara :) 
Riaaaaa, Big hug for the Harry Potter pictcha \m/
Hope you guys had a blast.


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