Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Song

If I could write a song that defined us
I’d begin with a loud clap
I’ll string in some drum beats
And some loud shrieks and claps.

I’ll pour in some vanilla
And make a nutella mess
I’ll bring a dialogue into the emptiness
And spit out all I have to confess.

I’ll slam down the bass a bit
I’ll tune the guitar
Will cover the endless night sky
Blaring meteors with no stars.

There will be head banging dance
There will be free hugs
We’ll jump on rollercoaster’s
And catch little light bugs.

The song will have a chorus
Where we’ll do the Irish hop
We’ll cross our legs and link our arms
And dance till our legs drop.

There’ll be no mushy unicorns or stupid chocolate dreams
But parkour stadiums and trampoline gyms
There’ll be no glitters and sparking rainbows
But oreos with less of the biscuit and more of the cream.

We’ll measure our lyrics when we write
And not shout out whatever comes to our minds
Our song with define our life
With perfect silences hard to find.

The song will reach its climax
With an end that’ll linger on
Our song, your song, will keep playing
Slow and silent, from dusk till dawn.

 -Sam B


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