Monday, February 4, 2013

Fantabulous February 2013 - Day Three!

Hello peeps,

This is for Fantabulous February - Day Three,

Today's inspiration:

My post:

I want to wander and not get lost, to teeter around in the unknown.
To sit in a coffee shop and have my ears filled up with a language of an unknown tongue.
I want to stay for a poetry where the movement of the words stir me up instead of the comprehension in them.
I want to walk down cobbled streets, cross bridges, country roads, 
interstates and dirty alleys.
To ride Gondolas and drink up in Irish pubs.
I want to breathe in the smell of cigarettes and change.
I want to travel if only to forget who I am as I fill myself up with 
everything else.

Let's find some beautiful place to get lost,
Sam B.


  1. The part about poetry...oh my my that is absolutely beautiful!
    Let's get lost together. :-) You and I.


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