Monday, June 13, 2011

The secret life of the american teenager

Crazy stuff we do. That's me. One of my fav spots in our building.
I've been watching this sitcom for quite sometime now and loving it. Maybe by looking at it for the first time, you'll find it to be the same ol' crap of high school teenagers going wild, but this one has a message. And I've loved watching all the seasons. The sad part is season 3's over. :P And it's ended it such an unexpected note. Can't wait to see what'll happen next. I love the pair of Ricky and Amy. And I'm guessing you guys have no idea what I'm talking abt. So topic change!

Spiderman! Shankha's sick moves!

BTW the awesomeness that happened. I mean I was so damn thrilled after a millennium it seemed....Nadal winning the FRENCH. He killed it didn't he?

Wasn't even in form but still nailed it. :D

Was away the whole of last week in Kolkata...had 52 hrs of class. Never in my life have I studied that much. And Kolkata can be SOO boring if you don't have people to hang out over there. I swear. Spent the whole time watching channel V shows and re runs of each. Pathetic.

I'm living on Rasna and Aam Panna this summer. It's become soo hot this side of the earth. :P And did I tell you - My life long friend ROSHNI totally screwed our hopes of  ever achieving the best. Okay here goes her achievements....*shudders :P *
1. topped the state in the cbse class 12 boards
2. IIT ranked some thousand something
3.AIEEE ranked 500 something.

There were TV channels coming over to her place. Interviews. Over night celebrity. And we goofed around her while the genius was thronged around by journalists who ask the weirdest of questions I tell you.

Example1 : Who do you love more? Mum or dad? (How does that have ANY relation to academics? )

So you think you can JUMP?! Goluuu! Phataphati!
 ( Bengali word for awesomeness...Meher ur  tutorial continues :P)
And So she's treating us. Something to look forward to...

And I miss SOCCER. Tomorrow hitting the fields.

Bye lovelies


So I like posing....any problem? *THE SMIRK* :P


  1. Oi, you.

    You were in Calcutta?
    I'm from Calcutta. I wish I stumbled upon your blog aage. So that we could have hung out :s

    Anyway.. Nadal winning was a heartbreak. Team Federer here :P

    AND AND, I love your cam. :D
    Posing is awesome, nai? :D

    Keep writing, you.

    Much Love,

  2. Yep in Kolkata...I come every weekend Poulomi! FIITJEE !

    Btw where do you live? Which school? We'll hang out man !

    Anddd Love ur blog girl :D

    And Federer? Sheesh! NADALLLLLL! :D

    ANd keep writing you tooo

  3. Yeah our parents have the perfect example everyday for yelling at us with ;P

    Oh and they even asked her "Who is your favorite movie-star?" :P What an apt question to ask to a board topper eh!

    At least you watched Channel V. When I used to go to Calcutta and be in the house alone (which was a lottt) all I did was watch Fashion-TV because we got nothing else (I mean everything else was bengali...those sobby soaps...yuck). Although it wasn't that bad...F-TV I mean :P Nice clothes. ;)

    And at last you're back (or at least I hope :P). I missed you here!

  4. Ayeeeee! I am visiting here after a ong time! :S

    The thing you are doing near the stairs (first pic) O_O


    Federer for the win!!

  5. WOW, that smirk was just, umm, different.

    Oh that were her credits, how are your FIITJEE classes going on?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @Blasphemous I'm not smirking in the pic :P Not even close to a smirk :/

    Fiitjee is hectic...what else.

    Whats up with you?

  7. @ClassyandFabulous I want your height :P

  8. @The Blue Periwinkle

    ha ya...finally you remember me :P

    And federer you too? :| Sad.

    And have u forgotten typing or something. Ever gonna post agn?

  9. @antara4ever I missed being here. And FTV....I get really darn bored watching models cat walking :P I mean bengali serials are wayy better. :P Think soo :P

    And I adda d with Pooja after coming back from Roshni's and it rained so damn much...we were stuck at some random person's house :P haha

  10. Really? Nah. Clothes are so much better than sobby serials :P I'd rather study chemistry than watch them!!! :P

    U mean phone? Hmm, will ask about that later ;P
    Is any house in the campus random? :P I thought you knew everyone.

  11. Not phone....she's shifting to block 3... neighbors now :D

    And not random....annapurna's house. Haha I was trying not to show off my awesome talent of knowing everyone...see I don't want u to feel demoralized :P HAHA :D

  12. yeah I know :)

    Yeah right. As if I don't know her!!! :P And me? Demoralised? by YOU? Hah. Good joke.

  13. :D
    I am suffering from an extreme case of boredom.
    Plus writer's block.

    But I will update something.


Come on, *pokes* COM(PLI)MENT! :P