Wednesday, August 31, 2011



So you finally let it out
You know I trusted you
But yes you had to do it
Make me feel worse too.
And here was I, seeing the angel in you.

And silly me, kept on worrying about you
Silly me, kept on thinking that I was wrong all along
Now, for all I’ve heard you do to me
I hate you for coming up and faking your sweet song.
I hate you for scaring me to think what is right and wrong.

And I will take you out of my mind
Every time I see you at school
I will shout out silent curses
For all that you’ve done from behind.
It pains me to think how to you I had been that kind!

I guess you can’t change people like you
I tried and now I know
It’s just waste of time
To clean you up, to scrub all the dirt of your soul
And then you do this to me, to someone who’s come back to you
Someone who cares for you, talks to you?

I think there’s nothing more to do,
Nothing more to say
Here is my last goodbye to you
I hope you understand that I need you to stay away.


Little something I wrote. Tell me if you thought it was completely useless. :P

Hey It's mum's BDAY. Happy Bday to her :) And that reminds me it's a happy day at home today. And I'm watching Gossip Girl of all things. From season 1. I can now understand the hype behind gossip girl. Blake Lively is a complete doll!

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  1. It is NOT useless AT ALL. I loved it! :D

    And, happy budday to your mamma! :D


  2. Thank you Meghna, though I still think it's useless :P

    I love ur nerdy glasses ;)

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  4. Wow weird. Your post and my post you know :P

    I loved Gossip Girl. Especially Blair (Leighton is SUCH an awesome actress)...that character has so many layers. Another character that has substance is Chuck's.(watched pretty much all seasons) :P
    But I didn't watch for quite a while because things got SO monotonous...bitching, petty revenge, bitching, petty revenge. Honestly the only reason I watched it again was because of Chuck and Blair.

    I really liked Pretty Little Liars too...I don't get time to watch it anymore though.

    And new seasons of Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl and White Collar AND Castle are going to start *sigh*

    OH OH OH and I am reading the autobiography of Lance Armstrong (It's not about the bike)...Oh.My.God. It is beyond awesome. Not kidding.

  5. You write beautifully!!!

    And belated Happy Birthday to you Mom!

    Let me know how is the book? :)

    ♡ from ©

  6. @antara4ever

    That's like one fat comment.

    Gossip Girl..I'm loving the pair of Dan and Serena; but hell they're breaking up. :P Bam on bout Blair, she has so many faces. I'll start watching Grey's Anatomy sometime.

    And we didn't get selected for the debate. :P Next time i guess.
    And yes our posts!!

  7. @Tanvi
    The book is good. Try reading it :) And
    thank you tanvi!!

  8. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!


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