Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick update

There are books that you wish wouldn't end, books that are so magical that you simple can't leave them astray and even have to carry them along with you while you go to the loo :P And those are the ones that turn out to be the so-called favorite books. And this book my friend is one of a kind.  

To the lives of Rosie Dunne and Alex Stewart. I've fallen in love with your story. 

Please read the book, you won't be wrong in doing so.

And I got a makeover. They say they can't recognize the new me :P ( appearance wise ) See if you can?

And Ria don't shout at me on the phone...I literally had to keep my set a metre away and isn't this a lovely forum to talk crap with you! :D

And SHANKHA if you're reading this, I am 100% normal!

And guys out there, tune in, comment and get bored because I have nothing to offer. And BLUE PERIWINKLE, write on your blog babe! Do it now. 

I will come up with something productive next time...till then bare with me



  1. LISTEN YOU. The hair-do is downright Hot okay! So dont worry about a thing ;)

    And yo, shall read the book for sure :)

  2. Thanks hottie :) It's always a pleasure when yo visit my place!!

  3. ..which is going to be quite often now, considering I'm an official stalker of thy blog now ;)

  4. I have been missing so much on you!! :O

    Love everything about your blog!! :)

  5. Oh YES I hated you for not commenting enchantaaaaa :P HAHA


    Thank you for stopping by.
    Much love!

  6. dude, your hair!
    Like awesome! :O
    Like seriosuly! :O

    That book, I will read.

    Rainbows. :)

    And blog, yus yus!
    WIll post soon.

  7. Finished reading the book. It's not my favorite book of all time but it is a good story :)

    And I was not shouting AT you ok! I was shouting because I was either excited or I was hyperventilating about something. :P

    And how many times do I tell you that the hair cut is hot? Especially the side bangs. That picture does the hotness no credit.
    (Why were you not at school today?)

  8. You know what? The haircut actually look snice. Couldn't have recognised you if I saw you in person though. :P


    You might wanna change the pic sin your header oo. Posh it'll look. :P

    Why the sudden makeover btw?

    And I'll definitely read the book. <3

  9. Now that you've said it that it is you, I think I see a familiarity :P

  10. hey!!
    seems like i am commenting here the first time but i have read your blog quite a few times... its cool :)
    and seems like this book is really good. i have mind of buying it. cheers!

  11. @The Blue Periwinkle
    I'm still waiting and thank you darling!

    @antara4ever I LOVE WRITING TO YOU :P

  12. @Blasphemous Aesthete I know this is like COMPLETELY not like the one b4.

  13. @N.S.Kirti Welcome to my comment section :P

    I love what you write Kirti :)
    And yes read the book if you get time :)


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