Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello there!

I'm back from Kolkata from yet another week of 16 hrs of classes. Get that? 16! Poof! This is how my awesome 2012 is going to be!

So, well...what else. I have been thinking, as is customary let me list out my resolutions for this year.

1. I will not cut my hair ever again.
2. I will run more and ride on the scooty less.
3. I will try to play any sport everyday as much as I can.
4. I will keep my planner on the go and stop not updating.
5. I will stop caring about what others think and stop cramming up my head.
6. I will try to learn to play a new instrument and watch as many movies as I can.
7. I will work harder and not procrastinate much.
8. I will try to do something  creative everyday.

Let's leave it at that for all the basic resolutions.
It's weird how the christmassy feel hasn't left yet. I mean I still see red, green and white shaded things everywhere. It's like I'm still stuck in time! And I did NOTHING this Christmas so maybe it's because I've missed out. Don't you wish we had proper Christmasses? Like the red stockings filled up, the big Christmas tree staked up in the drawing room, opening presents, tearing through wrappers...sounds heavenly. And the way its getting colder here by the day, all I'm wearing is a jumper and a comfy track pant...or maybe a hoodie, and the bad part being that I kind of am wearing off the same clothes everyday :P

Are you people crazy about the ek mein aur ek tum movie...seems fun! I like watching easy going not much intense movies once in a while, ya know! And what else...geared for a new week which will start with me going off to school tomorrow with an ORGANIC test. How cruel is that?

Meet up next time...peace out


  1. Sammmmm!!! I went to school today...didn't see you. I will go to school on wednesday...please be there!

    My resolutions -
    Let go of past grudges
    Work harder.

    That's it :-P not going to make any more resolutions.

    I knowww I am in a mood to watch light movies too..except I can't :-P

    I am lovvving this cold!!! Don't know why though :-P

    i texted you yesterday..was in calcutta myself.

    And I LOVE you and miss seeing you everyday!

    And yes...don't cut you hair :-P I really liked your short hair but I prefer your long hair. Get layers next time.

  2. Happy new year Sam! Good luck with the resolutions. :)

  3. Kick 'em resolutions gorgeousness! :)

  4. @antara4ever

    I love ur achievable resolutions. Mine are too many I suppose. We had so much funn that day :)

    And chill abt the'll be well. I'm sorry it wasn't as good as you expected but keep working hard like you do.

    And love you :)

  5. lolling over the first resolution :P
    and you already do creative stuff dont you? like writing this awesome blog?? :)
    and yeah i wish we had proper christmas too :( :( but thats wishing too far than reach :P :P
    and how was the organic test? organic in 11 seems like a joke now with what we have to read in 12 :P :P
    keep writing :)


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