Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fantabulous February - DAY ONE! ( more like day 2 )

As per Kanika's awesome initiative, I will try to post through all of February because I figured out writing one small post is soo much more productive than watching re-runs of Gilmore girls in my free time!

So, join in you guys! It'll be fun! :) 

The first month of the year went like a blur, well my whole 2011 did; guess this is the enigma of class 11 if you're running to and fro from kgp to kolkata. Saraswati Puja was fun...the scooty rides to the pandals all over the campus, wearing a sari which I couldn't hold onto much long, the late night decorations before THE day, sleeping through whole of the evening and then going out with the friends, it was all that I needed to vent out from the studies and pressure and life where you are expected to do this and do that; you get my cranky behavior don't you? well, this is how it is most of the days. Anyway 38 people reading my blog makes me feel good. It's weird ( I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE LEARN TO WRITE THE CORRECT SPELLING OF WIERD! Thank god for spell check!) at times how I started with just my lovely little cute sa Anzie but now there are 37 others :) Thank you; you guys...

So that's it for now, join in the bandwagon!!


  1. I am so frickin glad you are going to post more frequently!

    Yesterday...your dance was FABULOUS! Especially the part where you gave bharatnatyam steps to the english song...perfection.
    And the photograph slideshow almost made me tear up.

    I love you. Hope February fares awesome for you girl!

  2. We've come along finally; all through senior year, I mean I say we because being in 11 going to 12 feels like it'll be over..this whole school experience.

    The dance wasn't that good..I completely spazzed out in the Udi section :P Anyway we had fun!

    I will miss you sooo much...we HAVE to go to GOA after my 12 th!


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