Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"And the only way to get rid of a shadow is to turn off the lights, to stop running from the darkness and face what you fear, head on."

Taken at my very close friend's drama recital. Took my camera out after a long long time. Kind of went OTT with the picture capturing. Might have seen most of the play through the lens but none the less, a really good evening spent there. Have some more pictures to post. This one here might be my favorite among all of the 800 pictures. ( I told you I had gone crazy!) I love the lighting, the Ramayana feel to it,  and the fact that it reminded me of this quote I had hearted a year back.

Guess who's getting all three of the hunger games books? ME ME ME *wink wink* I cannot wait to get that big brown package mashed around with that well known flipkart tape with a lovely "handle with care" sign carefully put on because obviously there's bloody important stuff inside. 
And then I hear the books look lovely and there's supposed to be a hunger games t shirt too inside. What are you kidding me? 3 more days. The bloody perks of people who live in the metros and get books in 2-3 days and people like me just have to wait and tick of dates on calendars. :( 
Anyway BIG BLOGGY shout-out to Peebeaaaaa! Thank you for telling me. I had lost all hope on getting the books in a reasonable parents-not-giving-me-the-look price. :P

Will tell you when they reach our place, and I am officially out of facebook again. ( Done that before. Didn't work out to say the least. Had my butt back on the very next day. Here's to trying once again. Bleh!)

Sam B


  1. Oh.. I'll be buying that too but a little later! Why did I need to have my exams? :( And the hunger games t shirt? really? I mean REALLY>?? I need to rush and get it for myself then! :D Have a great time.. :)

  2. @Sudeshna Yeah! Let's all make a review after reading the books! That'd be cool! I know I am ecstatic abt the tee! thanks ya :)

  3. Amazing picture! :)
    YAY you mentioned me! :D :D
    Pleased to be of assistance, bro. :*

  4. That's a beautiful picture Sam B! :)
    Plus the first line, wow!

  5. @Ruhani Hey Ru! Thanks girl :) You yourself take oh so lovely pics :)

  6. like the starting quote very much..

  7. Awesome quote and awesome picture

    Tum cool ho.\m/

    And Hunger games... i wanna read ya! :(

  8. Oii, gorgeous capture :)
    Sigh, since I have nothing to do for the next gazellion years, I shall read the Hunger Games too!

    Good luck with the anti-fb march. Worked jupiters for me!


    (I have no clue wth goes wrong everytime I comment here :/ ]

  9. AAAH I need to buy the hunger games books. But there are a few more books still in line so Hunger Games might have to wait.

    Oh and you REALLY need to get a new mobile number. I can't even text you.

    And good job with the facebook thing ;)

  10. Oh and you made the watermark atlast!!! Looks nice :D Just be careful to reduce its size sometimes...otherwise it can be distracting.

  11. @The Blue Periwinkle I just finished the hunger games and since I have been inside the book, eating up every single thing the book has to offer. Obsessed would be a small word in this case. Might I add, you HAVE to read it!

  12. @Antara That's not my watermark. I just added my name that's all :P And I'm smuggling the books into your house anytime now! And :* HAHA

  13. @NILLLLL I have no clue why it's happening??!

    And it's NOT because you have nothing to do, this book totally deserves your time. I'm serious!

    Still hanging on with that! :P

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  14. Eta kobe hoichilo re ! Love the photo :D

    1. Arre eta Roshnir BTDS er natok. Thank you :)


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