Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I’ll dance like no one’s watching
I’ll jump off with not an ounce of fear
I’ll run like the wind is after me
I’ll sing like there’s millions waiting to hear.

The moment the lights are on
The blood red curtains draw away for me
The curious stares make me wobbly beneath
I leap in the air, let myself go free.

The music engulfs my every sense
I flutter away through its sublime line
Starting slow I sway through the tune
My body is light, the stage is mine.

I command every sight in front
They are enticed by my Pirouette’s spot on
The music takes its beats a step ahead
One more leap, I’m off the ground.

I fall hard, I hear a crack
The audience is on their feet
The music stops, a sudden shriek
A child’s cry cuts me off my beat.

Perturbed, I run for the beat
I cling on to it in beautiful grace
I hate the child with the golden locks
The tune, the song is back in place.

The stage is red, circles of red
The song is playing in my head
One more jump, I land perfect
I am euphoric of my pirouette.

I don’t remember the curtains close
I don’t remember the end
Did I amaze the crown with my grand jete?
I hope this time my legs weren’t bent.

I hope daddy held me in my arms
Whispering how proud a father he was
I hope he would still buy me those new ballerinas
Like he promised to me, I hope he does.
It’s strange how all I remember now
Is the music going away, too far away
Where did I go wrong, what did I miss
My mind won’t tell me, I hit rewind and play.

I wonder all this while I lay on bed
With a lost leg, and a dead heart
I had danced till my last fall down
I had danced from the very start.
I had danced when the lights were on
When shutterbugs kept making it hard
I had danced till all I saw seemed dark
I had loved every move, every nick, and every spark.

-----This has been lying ignored in my drafts for a long time now, high time I publish it here.
I've always loved dancing, hope you can connect to it even if you are a non-dancer. But who doesn't love to secretly dance when no one's watching? I bet you do.
Keep shaking it senoras ;)


  1. For the love of dance. :)
    Lovely poem. :D

  2. Toke already bolei felechi. This is one of your bestEST yet.
    And I had a dream about you. I wish you were right beside me...now...

    1. I have to know about the dream! Anyway thank youuuu :*

  3. I've awarded you! =D

  4. wanna be frens and follow each other?



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