Friday, September 28, 2012

Sing to me

I remember making this blog firstly, because I felt like writing and more importantly for keeping an account of what all that I've been doing throughout the years.

So, this is something I'd like to remember; the fact that Shankha got a bronze at the International Olympiad in Informatics, 2012, in Italy. And not the fact that he's going around the country riding gondolas in Venice, drinking Whiskey and being all adventurous, not that part no! Anyway when I first got to know about the whole thing, it really did NOT sink in, I mean the magnitude of the success, but now I MEAN the only guy from India to get a medal, a MEDAL, is like fucking crazy. And the best part is if you meet him, you'll have no clue that THIS GUY IS A PRODIGY. I mean he has no air of showing off the fact that he might be the smartest kid of his generation. Just saying. That's something to learn from him. I wish I was the same, but well! :| Anyway, so he'll be off to some awesome college, might go to MIT, so yeah THIS is something I'd like to remember. Congratulations to you once again mate, you make me proud in more ways than that you can think of. :)

Other than that, there is this other person that I'd like to write about. I think I really haven't written much about her here. But considering she is someone so close to me, I want to remember how amazing she's been. And from that I mean from the time I was a little baby girl. Yes, that is how long I've known her. We've practically grown up together. Played the weirdest of games, have been crazy fans of TV shows, of songs, of hotties. We've celebrated 17 birthdays, 17 Saraswati Pujos, 17 Diwalis. She was always there, always there to take me back home. I can tell her everything in the world without a second thought.  She's someone I call when I'm sitting in the loo and am bored to my wits. Now, this person I'm talking about might be the most disciplined, balanced person you may know of. People around the campus DO NOT know how fun and crazy she can be. And then again she's a freakin genius too. ( I AM SURROUNDED BY SUCH SPECIES. Sigh.. ) I love her. I love spending time with her. I love how she is so simple and down-to-earth. I love how I am a little guarded when I tell her about boys. ( :P You know that!). I love how she loves Grey's Anatomy as much as I do. 

There you go, two utter geniuses, but such lovely human beings. Such fun to be with. Yes, I'd like to remember you two foreverandeververeverever..

SHANKHA now stop with the gelatos. And ROSHNI GET A GUY. :P



  1. Congrats to your friend on the bronze

    and sigh, best friends <3 :)

  2. You have talented friends indeed :-)

  3. WOW!
    Its good to have such ppl around!

  4. And might I say how amazingly lucky I feel to have known these two all my life too!
    YAY! :D SO happy!

  5. Awww, a big big congratulations to Shankha :)

    This was so much niceness, Sammay!


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