Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hey there,

Don't u just wish u had that horned head thingy? So cool!
Welcome to THE blog of THE Sam :D

So This being my first post of my first ever blog and I have absofreakinlutely no idea what this post will house :P

Well let me begin by saying that we are going to shift to a new flat. So like every other previous shifting of ours, (we've shifted 3 times already) mum is going crazy and I am being sulky. The problem or better the reason behind me being sulky is that I kind of take some time to get myself accustomed to a change :P

I wanna stay here in B - 227 but maybe I also wanna experience living in a complex with practically the whole of IIT.

One thing for sure is that I by any chance won't get bored there or won't be in dire need of a person to hangout with cos the whole place will be filled with kids and friends.

Btw the reason behind my blog is that I have turned into quite a blog reader these past 3 months and so was like why not make one of my own.

That's all for now folks,

Peace out

Sam B


  1. Welcome sweetie! I bet you will make a better blogger than me :D :P

  2. I have already! Got 2've got one :P

  3. heyyyy!! Sammy-belllle!!!!

  4. @antara I LOVE YOU :)

    Btw check out the inspiration heading on the right!

    And also your comments made my day.



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