Thursday, October 21, 2010

The NEW look :)

It's 2.33 am. I am awake :O I can't sleep! sucks! :(

So in the meantime I did some changes in the blog! Got my blog list, kelle hampton now resides under the inspirations tag :)

End result : I think the blog looks good for now.

But the problem is I can 't random blabbering in all the posts ... I have to find out something cool to write about :P

Well here's something...I watch 90210. It's airing its third season now. The sitcom is about teenage drama in the posh life of some teenagers who are filthy rich :P. It's spicy and hot! There's full on drama in all the epis.

I am kinda glued to the show...well its soo good you knw!

90210 is stylish and like totally cool! Check some episodes out...they're all there in youtube! 

I LOVE SPORTS! I HEART SPORTS LIEK ANYTHINGGGGG! GAH! I'll die if you take away playing from me :P 

Soccer, Baddy, Volley, Tennis, Basky, Squash rock !!!! Full stop!

Btw I wore a sari on Ashtami ( durga puja 3rd day ). A sari seriously is very sexy! ;)

Will upload pics of THE sari!

I have to SHOULD sleep! 

Kill me!


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