Thursday, October 21, 2010

Antara's BLOG :)

Okay, So this post is dedicated to a very dear friend who writes a lovely blog -

Yes. That's her under a beheaded Kurt Cobain.
* drum rolls loud and clear *

Presenting to all you misses there-

Antara aka ria aka anzie :)

Go check out her blog.

I love how she writes with simplicity and elegance . She's got lovely photos and funny stuff and her frequent mood swings all said and sung through lovely words in THAT one blog.

Some of my favorites :

 And the best thing I can come up with is -

She's the one who's inspired me to start making a blog of my own!

And from like the deepest darkest interiors of my heart :

Thank you girl! :) And keep posting :)



  1. Oh my GOD!!! :O
    I...feel...loved!!! So very very veryyyy loved!!!

    Do you know that Sammy-belle? I love you sis!!! And I love your blog SOOOO MUCH!!!! :D Now I have this another awesome blog to read whose writer is much better at writing regularly than I am :P I love you!!!

  2. I love you Tara Ann :D And sammy belle brings back soo many memories :)

    And I can never write better than you, holy christ never! But shall try always to learn from what you write :) ( I'm not being modest. It's true! )

    Lova ya!


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