Friday, February 11, 2011

Fish bowl.

It has been days since my last post. I know I am a lazy blogger. There has been so many things done in these few days.

There was the Sarawati puja where I wore a sari for 8 hrs straight which is very hard and not-at-all-comfortable for a novice like me. Saraswati puja was fun. A stress-free day. Ate a lot, trotted on around the campus in 3 inch heels ... which is damn hard I tell you. Took pictures of people who turned out in saris and looked there best. :)
It was a bright sunny day all together.

Then there was the visit by H and  R who are complete freaks and are funny and should go out! Maybe they are, I have NO idea. :P

My current music obsessions : Leaving on a jet plane, Namak ( Omkara )

I have been reading a book called a Girl like me - Swati Kaushal. I recommend the book. It's pretty good.

And I finally have to tell you about the fish bowl.

I came back home from school all tired and wearied and then there's this huge smile ma's face and she goes "SURPRISE" :P

And then I catch a glimpse of a pretty big FISH BOWL there on one corner of our dining room. And there it is with 7 beauties moving around aimlessly through the round thing. And I stare at it all the time and try to scare off the goldfishes with my fingers :P It's soo much fun. The fishes are my new friends.

And I had a splendid time with my friends today. Guys you are the best.
It really doesn't hurt even if you call me a ghosh.:P

I love you guys. I don't want you guys to leave. Not a bit!


  1. hey girl. i wish i could stay for saraswati puja :(((((
    and oh...i miss hanging out with you :( can we do that AS SOON as my exams end? PLEASE? like all the time... :P coz i have a lot to tell you...i've been going through crap lately...

    and about the fishbowl...can't wait to see that!!!

  2. 3 inch heels for 8 hours? Gawd, you've stamina :P

  3. @tara Sure girl. Just bare the crap for the next few days. It'll be ok. And the fishbowl is damn exciting ;)

  4. @Blasphemous aesthete You Bet! :P


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