Monday, February 14, 2011

It's called Valentine's day

No, I did not get a diamond ring or maybe a bunch of roses or maybe a mushy love letter.....

But I did

Feast on dairy milk with the best of friends
Watched PS I love you with the parents
Read a romantic Ruskin Bond story
Played soccer in the evening


will have a grand dinner and will watch Dhobi Ghaat.


How did ur day go?

Before I completely forget   HAPPY VALENTINES DAY...

Like it's said ...Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved!

Enjoy. Spread the love. Lick off dripping dairy milk silk just like they have it in the advertisement. :P

And celebrate with roses and salmon ;)

Love lots and lots of it



  1. Your V-day sounds perfect! :) Like I always say, V-day is just an excuse for expression!
    I love Ruskin Bond lit. too btw! :)
    Hope you had a good V-day sweets!

  2. Your day had it all - chocolate, love, food and a great book!! Happy Valentine's day to you too!!

  3. @A lot like Fashion Thanks for commenting. Oh I did have a nice day. You must have...You looked soo pretty :)

    @Bollywoodstylediaries Thank you :D

  4. hey sammy belle. happy valentines day (belated but whatever)
    i had a date with physics (exam :P) on v day. needless to say, it ended badly. i can't wait to break up with physics. seriously.
    you, on the other hand, had an obviously awesome day :D and yeah...i love you :D


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