Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bheegi Basanti

And it rained yesterday.....amongst the pretty cool winter February, IIT KGP got rain!

The rain kind of wakes me up and makes me soo much happier. It's this feeling of giving my everything and stretching my hands as far as they stretch and with my face up towards the cloudy sky, just living through the rain. The monsoon here in KGP is one of the best.

Yesterday, when it started raining, I was in the basketball court. We played a little in the drizzle. Then as it started pouring heavy, headed over to CCD for a devil's own treat. :)

Sitting there completely drenched from head to toe while feasting on the whipped cream and staring out through the stained glass, it was a delight.

Today morning, the whole campus is greener and merrier and the birds are singing throughout the morning.
Got this picture on flickr. I like :)

With a cup of hot chocolate, I'm ready to roll!

How did ur day goooooooo??

much love,



  1. I know!!! Rain after sooo many days! I was so frickin happy!
    Oh and i got around to making a blogpost. :P at long last!!!
    Today was NSO by the way. Never in my life have i seen such biology terms ever. In fact physics went better than bio. And that is very rare for me :P
    Love you and miss you!

  2. I did go through your post. :)
    When are the exams over?

    Missed your comments!

  3. :D
    exams get over on the 3rd of march.
    i know's just crrraaazyyyy

    and i miss technology :P i've been living like a frickin hermit!

  4. Techno chic...wait till the 3rd :P

  5. techno chic or techno chick? :P
    techno chic sounds heavenly though...never thought about chic-ness in the technological sense.

  6. techno-chic chick! :) More like it!

  7. OOOO!!!! I love that!!!

    we are literary geniuses!

  8. Running in the rain is nice. Umm, no the harder you run the more it wets you. :P Walking in the rain is bliss :)
    A green campus is always a delight, the new sprawling buds and the fragrance, its beautiful.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. truly. iit kgp post-rain is absolutely heavenly.

  10. @Blasphemous Aesthate Your comments are absolutely adorable. How is it in your place? Raining?

    @Giasasthat Thank you :)


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