Friday, April 29, 2011

Bawra mann dekhne chala hein ek sapna...

That song has been in my head and it's a lovely song. We even plan to do a dance on it this annual function. Oh and talking about today....THE ROYAL WEDDING :P Well, all along baba kept going about how William is balding and that Diana was much much prettier than Kate, but seriously it was GRAND. And the cars, the crowd, the music, the fashion display....was some sight! Crazy big fat wedding.

So leaving all that aside, I saw this thing on Kanika's blog and Meher's and thought of doing it solely because I have nothing else to write because my life is the crappiest any life can get. Get me? No? Well you would if you had 2 tuitions of 3 hrs and fiitjee of 12 hrs to top it all off. So if your happy and in peace, I am jealous.

Day 10: 10 secrets

This is hard to list.
  1. I am scared of getting handicapped sometimes.
  2. Most of the time I'm confused as in what I want to do. ( That doesn't count as a secret..does it? ) :P
  3. I have wanted to run away from everybody in life once last year.
  4. I don't know anything about my cousin's my dad's side. It's weird when I look at sibling who are very close.
  5. I say a lot a lot a lot of lies to my mom. 90% of them are said for the fun of it. :P Like how I had 2 eggs instead of 1 :P Useless lies. It's fun I tell you.
  6. I sometimes lose self confidence. And I hate it.
  7. I am extremely short tempered with my parents and I have been behaving really really bad with them and I seriously am not proud of it and have no idea how to change it either.
  8. 2010 has been a year that made me learn a LOT about life and have done mistakes and have fallen in love but it's been a life changing year somewhat. 
  9. I have started to over-think things lately.
  10. I have hurt people I love but have corrected things and am fine now :) Yes, I'm proud of that.
  11. Oh and one bonus thing : (Who said I was losing it ? :P ) I love football and a group of people dearly, more than anything! And if you are amongst the group, I hope you know..

Much love like always


  1. Oh, the wedding! >_<

    About you secrets, I share the same ones! Except for the football part! :D

  2. Yep the wedding...I missed you here :)

    And you should give it a try!

  3. OOOO! ten day You challenge! I like like!!!
    Except that I never know how to start. And if I do start, I can never stop :P

  4. Arre kor'll be fun :)


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