Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day when you JUST CAN'T SLEEP. Period.

Before I start :)
The reasons for being absent from the blogosphere-
  1. The modem adapter crashed and hence I had noo internet access.
  2. Reliance net-connect is a bitch. 

SO now that I'm back, I have tons of blogs to go through. Makes me feel I missed on soo much. My dear friend Ria made this blogroll and I feel soo happy that I got listed first. That's nothing less that a blog award to me :D Hehe.

Anddd it's 5.28 in the morning and was awake the whole of yesterday. I can't sleep. I tried, I swear.

Btw, it's amazing @ night. It was very windy throughout the night. Read some Harry Potter for sometime and then walked over to the balcony with the camera and took shadow pics, wind blowing my hair ones. What shit!  I mean seriously I turned into maybe a higher level freak, clicking pictures @ 2 in the dark. The security guy outside was literally ogling and wondering what's got into me. Whatever!

Okay then I watched some TV, The Amazing race season 16, watched some crap hindi serial, DEXTER ( Thabk GOD!). Did some facebooking...all along checking on my parents so that they don't wake up and cry their lungs out on me.

And what else?! Well, I even wrote something about the wind. :|  And @ exactly 4, the birds started cooing :).

The BEST part is when you see the sun rise! Trust me, from this new flat I've never seen the sun rise. IT was unbelievable. And my stupid memory card was full thus no pictures. Have to repeat this ordeal someday later then I guess.

It has been 3 days I haven't slept properly. And damn I can't even write stuff like the insomniac owlcity guy. :| That would be substantial.

And I watched Sleepless in Seattle. How ironic!

Okay Goodbye now people andddd Good night!

^Tom night. Im on!!

I'm off to sleep tight....yes finally! YEAH RYT! :/



  1. I haven't been getting enough sleep wither, but insomnia has nothing to do it. Damn work :/

    I want to come to kolkatta, btw.
    You bengalis are so cute. :P

  2. you have no idea how much i missed you, love you, etc etc.

    but you also have no idea how mad i am at you. you were supposed to be at my place at 11:30 AM :|

  3. OMG! I missed you on blogsphere!! :(

    Once, even I was up till morning, and I ended up taking pictures of the moon.
    And then, I went for a morning walk, as in around 4.30am or so. :|
    Came home and slept till 4.30pm. :D


  4. @Meher Yes we are cute. And don't you feel tired with the insomnia? :| And visit Kolkata jaldi! It's a lively city you know :)

  5. @Ria

    Sorry. Im a worthless idiot. Thing is I went over to Shankha's and got carried away with the robot project he's upto now and couldn't keep track of time. I know EXCUSE!! :|

    I'll make it up for sure! Tom morning?

  6. @Blue Periwinkle

    I missed you too :) And you take lovely pictures. I'll be uploaiding some I took last night.

    And I planned of going out for a run but couldn't end up doing so.

    And after 3 days sans sleep I really don't consider sleepless-ness awesome. :/


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