Friday, April 15, 2011

Shubho Naboborsho!!


translation: Shubho is Happy, Nava is new and Borsho is year which translates to Happy Bengali New Year. :) if I'm the perfect person to teach you bengali! :/

And I took hold of Ria's The Time Traveller's Wife...and had a splendid funn time at her house organizing all the nooks of her huge wardrobe and then had a pura-bengali lunch with food on coconut leaves. Oh the lovely traditions! 

I now have knowledge of every dress, shirt, trousers she owns and can tell you where she has them in her wardrobe...quite something ryt :P
Got this picture today. Credit : Ria again. Thank you sooo much for taking the pic. I love it :)
My best buddies :) Can't get any better!
This was sometime this year when we were all punished for bunking class. :P

Oh and I had MISTI DOI. And I wanna play football.

SO chill guys


  1. YES! We had SO MUCH FUN today!!!
    And PLEASE remember that we are supposed to go to Habib's on sunday!!! I'll pick you up at 11:00 ok??

    And the post about the wardrobe and all will come later...right now I'm writing about the books. Then wardrobe. And then about my trip to the orphanage. :D

    LOVE YA!!!

  2. Shubo noboborsho to you too. :)

    P.S. I'm not that bad, eh?

  3. Oh and by the way...i got motivated enough so I did end up posting the post about today :D
    orphanage one later.

    cya on sunday!

  4. Shubho Naboborsho!! :)

    Even we had our new year today. Had food on banana leaf! :)

    P.S - you should totally give me bengali lessons! ^_^

  5. @Riaaaaaaaa

    YOU YOU YOU...THE POSTS AND YOU AGAIN ADD UP TO WONDERS. Thanks for being awesome, biyatch!

    And yes the orphanage...I so wanna know :)

    Off to read ur posts...cya!

  6. @Meher

    Thanks for stepping by. Subho Novoborsho to you too :)

    And thank me for giving out free online lessons in Bengali considering the fact that I suck at it BIG time.

  7. @ The Blue Periwinkle

    You too :) HAPPY NEW YR!! What did you have??

    Okay so you to is tomakeo in if someone says shubho novovorsho, you say tomakeo.

    Gosh I AM GIVING LESSONS...I feel so honored. And mum went like WHAT?! when she came to know.

  8. Holy God in heaven.
    Shambhobi is teaching bengali.
    Breaking news.
    Shankha will be dying of laughter when he learns about this :P

  9. Happy new year!!

    Havent been around for sometime - work is really getting hectic and it cuts down my time to check out other blogs:-(

    Hope you are doing good! btw, your cousin Tito is really cute. Brothers are so much fun, no?

  10. I am doing good. Hope you are too :) I want more WOULD YOU RATHER games on ur blog...they are soo addictive :) And yes Tito is cute :)

    Brothers are fun not all the time...but yes mostly!

  11. You know WHAT? My dada did his college in Kolkata. He was so happy when I said Shubho Naboborsho to him. And have you ever been to Siliguri?

    Shubho Naboborsho to you too. :D

  12. I've been to Siliguri .... yes! How do you know abt that place?

    Thank you shreya :D

  13. Happy New Year to you. Gawd I LOVE misto doi. <3

  14. Hehe well rasogolla and misti doi = A visit to Bengal!!

    Happy new yr, you too :)

  15. My ancestors from Rajasthan shifted to Darjeeling. And so I have many relatives around that area. I'm going this june there :D


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