Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 9

i love this thing

Day 9: Nine loves

1. Soccer @ TATA
2.Snuggling in the cold days
3.Hanging out at Shankha's
4.Sitting on a bench after dark.
5.Dancing and Letting go all I have 
6. Friends and family
7. Music 
9. Golu's whistling.

Done for now...


  1. I carry your heart with me

    You know every time I've read this poem, and I've read it soooo many times, and yet every single time I get a shiver. It is that beautiful!

    And your 9 loves are awesome :D Even I would be in paradise with all that...ok maybe instead of beaches mountains for me :P

  2. @Ria I know. That poem is one of my favorites. There's this video on youtube where Heath Ledger recites this one..and you should listen to his voice. Man awesome....and beaches for me..i kind of adore the water :)


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