Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Poem


You make me rock my head side to side
You make me smile even when I’m down
You’re just a click away my friend
You’re there in my head when I frown

My love, you are what keeps me sane
Your tune is what hovers on my lip
You can sing to me again and again
But still every time you have me flip

You are a keeper, you are my firewall
As you go up and down all through
I go up and down with you too
And even when you stop, you can still hear me coo.

Can I tell you a secret? A secret disclosed
As you sing your song every time
You make me want to fly away with you
You make me want to play my flute with your chime.

You’re still blaring out your tunes
As I run my words for you today
You make me want to write some more
As I flip through your play-list, pray.

 Wrote this some random day listening to this.


Have an awesome day you guys,


  1. Dang I wish someone would give a tune to this! It's frickin awesome!

    And Ingrid...oh Ingrid!

  2. ^ LOL!

    Awesome poem man!

    The song reminds me of the song from Juno.. 'Anybody else but you'

  3. @Ria I'm very very bad at making don't ask me to do that. someone yeah...wouldn't that be fab. And Thank yaaa!

    And yes Ingrid!!

  4. @The Blue Periwinkle

    Thanks mate...

    Yep One of my favorites....

    "You're a part time lover and a full time friend
    The monkey on you're back is the latest trend"



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