Monday, May 16, 2011

Eight Fears

Day eight: Eight fears

1. Becoming handicapped some day
2. Class 11 and 12 study wise...if I don't get into some good place
3. Losing pictures, songs, poem collections I own
3.Losing my books
4.Lack of color
5.Losing any of my senses
6.Lead a life without sports, football.
7.Rafael Nadal not winning Roland Garros this year.
8.Deaths of any near and dear ones.

Night guys,


  1. 1. yeah you really are afraid of that i know. You rave about it.

    2. Tell me about it. You still have 2years... :|

    3. I KNOW. Same here. *Shudder* and I still don't have a back up *super shudder*

    4. Yeah I can't think of a single sense that I can do without :O

    5. You're constantly making me shudder

    6. :P True. There has to be some sport in our lives...absolutely!

    7. now THAT...I wouldn't mind :D :P Not so much

    8. No comment (and you know why)

  2. High Five for losing books and photos and songs. :D

    I love your header you know?

  3. interesting blog... i like it!!! will be coming back soon. (;

  4. Death of loved ones for me too.
    I can never complete such a daunting challenge!
    Hats off to you :)

  5. <3 <3 :D hey there,
    sorry i wasn't knowing that you're following me :3
    Sorry I was away =]
    Following you back ^_^
    and must say you've a great blog :D

  6. Class 12th D:
    I'm on it too, ahaha. Perpetual fear, man, like, really.
    Nice blog btww :)


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