Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My life is soo Bollywood now. Drama. Gossip. People Bitching. And scornful glances. Sarcasm. Gosh.

And I'm in this thing that I wasn't even a part of. HAHA GOOD JOKE! :/ This whole thing was so darn silly. Gosh. Save our class :P

Anyway, he finally talked :P However weird he acts at school, but well on the phone he doesn't. WHY CAN'T THINGS TURN TO WHAT THEY WERE BEFORE!

And My house is FULL of chocolates, all types. Dad bought trunk loads of chocolates from Mauritius. Btw it's succha pretty place....hell I wanted to go the minute he told me bout it.

Was a part of life
I leave you guys with hearts.  HAUU FAUUUNNNNNN!!!!
Dumbledore's Army :D :D

Who hasn't dreamt of having that thrust in his/her hands?
And guys guys HARRY POTTER :( It's over. Damn. Feels like there's something missing after the whole thing ended that day...have u guys seen the movie yet?!
This is soo much better than just the heart thing

I'll just say..they were sensational and stole my heart :) And that lady on the left is something close to an idol.

Hell ya!

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See ya guys later, same place, some time



  1. I never watched the movies after the 4th one :P
    But the books...oh the books are something else...something so so so wonderful!

    And that song...oh my god I lovvvve Joshua Radin!

  2. yes i watched the movie!! after a lot of painstaking effort(mainly to convince my parents)
    i LOVE the Harry Potter series too. seems like its imprints on me will never leave :) and the song is fab!!


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