Thursday, July 14, 2011


New shirt I got. It's hell comfortable
Hi there,

So, I have been busy. Class 11 is busy. I have no idea how the days are flying by. Didn't I just get admitted to this class? :P Shit!

And well, there are tuitions and work to be done, homework to be done, study systematically and then listen to motivational crap from the parents. It's this whole cycle.

But hey, I'm not complaining if days like today turn up. Where I can laugh my ahem off. Where I can get drunk from the awesomeness of life. Where teasing people and chatting with people you love just make your day. Yes, I'm not complaining today. Today was a good day.

And finally some people are back in school and have started talking to me finally. :) And I did hit the tennis courts... I am a happy kid.



  1. I love the shirt color. Ooooooh. And yeah 11th is tiring. (Was for me atleast.)

  2. Thanks nia :) Welcome here!

  3. The shirt is super cute, now. :)

  4. I don't know how anyone can not talk to you. :P At least I never can.
    Which reminds me...we really need to hang just you and me.
    (psst...I'm starting something...remind me tomorrow at school if I forget to tell/give it to you myself...I'm not saying what here :P)
    Oh and welcome to +2 drama. Class 12 gets even better ;)'re much better off than I was when I was in 11th...I did nothing and hence fared badlyyyy.

    (btw that is the top you wore yesterday right? It's FAB! Also I love how we wore the same colors :D)


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