Friday, July 8, 2011

Here without you

Seconds pass by, minutes do too
How can I live a life all alone without you?
Next hours will pass, days will follow by
Months..years will be gone, without a reply!

Without you by my side, how can life go on
How will I grab the moments when we were one?
When you had your tired head right above mine
When our hands were intertwined belonging to the same line.

I traced through the contours of your fingers
Memorized your whole face
Days when you'll be gone
These memories will remain in my place.

We had seen the sun sink down behind the dark veil,
We spoke how on a train, we'll go, we'll sail
With the wind blowing hard and a guitar in your hands
I'll rest my head on your shoulders, the tune in us will stand.

We also spoke about our best moments
And both of us had the same
Of being with one another
How all this evolved, how it came.

We ended it all with pouring more thoughts
Of dreams and aspirations and all that we had got
With sitting by each other, time did stop
We stared at the starry sky, through the sintex tank tops.

On a spree,


  1. Beautiful, and the picture used, adds to it.

  2. Thanks guys :) you guys made a quarter of my day :) bleh!

  3. Happened to visit your blog by chance... The picture u've used in this post caught my attention.. a wonderful attempt...nice n beautiful lines :-)


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