Friday, May 18, 2012


Behold ye loyal stalkers, I have news!

1. The post on "dadu" ( got featured! And I know for some of you it might seem like such a- normal-everyday-thing but I am totally on cloud nine thousand. :P

Anyway, check out the organization who were so kind as to feature my post. Aamoksh One Eighty looks like such an amazing retirement home based on the foothills of the ever beautiful Kodaikanal, catering to the needs of the elderly and retired people. The site even has a picture of the cutest grandpas playing a game of soccer on the beach. Now that is one retirement home I'd love to go visit.

Anyway, here's the post

2. An awesomespice thanks to Kirti from for the versatile blogger award. This is one blog you don't want to miss stalking. Go check out her amazing blog full of short stories, randomness and music.

Now as per the rules,
1. Create a new post
2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award.
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.
4. State 7 random facts about you.
5.Claim and post the award pic.
Moving on to rule 4,

7 random facts:

1. I have finally gotten back to practicing Bharatanatyam after a year long gap. Feels good to dance along to the amazing Carnatic tunes and the rhythmic sound of the Ghungrus.
2. Have been reading a lot of books lately which makes me feel really good about myself.
3. I am hugely fascinated by dark alleys, rugged doors and black and white tiled floors.
4. Pinterest is currently the best thing on the WWW.
5. I really like doing math.
6. I hate the fact that I cycle less these days and am on the scooty more often.
7. Cannot wait for the Pujos to start. They are somehow the best days of the year.

As per passing on the award, I swear I'll do that later due to the time constraint at the moment. SCHOOL NIGHT *sigh*
Anyway other than that,
I have been pinning all day long over here : Has totally taken over my sanityyyyy. :/
Any of you guys on pinterest?! If not GO LOG IN and get drugged.
Some pinterest lowe your way,

This might be my favorite pin ever.

Signing off, 
Sam B.


  1. Wow. Congrats on being featured. It just shows how your work moves people.
    And you like math? Cool. Most people hate it, including me. Haha. :)


    1. Hey LIZZZ,

      I know weird nerdy me likes math. :P Anyway, thanks girl :)

  2. Wow ! Nicely defined procrastinate....great pin (actually you know what was my knowledge of procrastinate till I called :P) !!

    And nice on the VB award ! esp. when you got it from someone like NSK !

    Good that you ar bharatnatyam-ing :) & gimme the scooty if you really feel bad :D

    And Mathematics is too though I amn't so sharp !!

    Best Pin - Are you my mother :D :D :D

    1. Ebar khushi ?? !! damn this keyboard .... no fast typing is possible :X

    2. Yes NSK is AMAZING NA?

      Scooty my butt! PABI NA. YOU ARE LIKE SO SHARP; I mean common you are ANWESH B.

      And when did I tell you to comment? Na-ah not that desperate am I? ;/ HAHA

    3. NSK is obv. amazing ! I was one of the earliest readers of her blog.....I know her from her early days !!

      Sharp common ki bolchish ?? Pagla :P

      No no so but you are atleast wanting right, if not begging !!

      And I won't comment again if you write Anwesh :X Call me Tatu, GM / Doiwala !

    4. Ore Nijer nam ke bhalobashte shekho!

    5. Ami tar jeo higher level er chele ! Keu Mota bolle tate khushi hoe dekhechish ??....khubi kom !!

  3. I read your post. It was bittersweet. But even I kind of felt the same when my grandma died.....Somehow even now it seems unrealistic.......anyways nice read...thumbs up to you

    1. Thanks Kshipra, Oh yes I hear you; maybe it won't sink in ever.

  4. congratulations on the award, Sammaayy! WELL deserved =)
    And sigh oh sigh. Pinterest's a blessing, innit?

  5. I have already congratulated you about a thousand times, but still,
    And Pinterest rocks my life!

  6. Nice, will visit again.

    take care

  7. congrats on getting featured.....will hop on soonish to read that post :) and conrats on the award too :)

  8. Thank you shooting star :) Keep visiting!

  9. Me is stalking you now! :D
    Missed so many posts!

    I like this new layout and header! \m/

    (Now that I think of it, I haven't cycled in a really long time!)

    1. I welcome the stalking wholeheartedly babe :P

      Don't you love cycling!

  10. Ahhh, both my favorite shows! :D


Come on, *pokes* COM(PLI)MENT! :P