Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The ones that love us never really leave us"

"Do you miss your son?"

In the beginning,
she said yes because her son was murdered overseas at a place where she could not protect him. 

She said yes, because your son isn't supposed to go before you, that's just not the way life is supposed to happen.

She said yes, because Tom was a brave kid, so daring, so young. 

She said yes, because her son had gone, never to come back, until the haunting memories of his funeral would obscure her dreams.

She said yes maybe a thousand times as millions of people, lovers and strangers thronged her house over and over again. Her house was stocked with so much food that would last her the whole of the year. Or maybe two.  She had flowers so many that she didn't know what to do with them. Cards expressing love, sadness and memories of the fondest kind. She even had awkward conversations with the kids that lived on her street, their mothers forcing them to check up on her every other day. 

Then came the day of the funeral. The first time she had cried in the stillness of the night as she had set the time for the memorial pretty late; telling no one of the secret memorial she performed at the quaint, shady spot at the nearby park. Somewhere where Tom would be blessed with knowledge, somewhere where she could silently tiptoe to talk sweet nothings to all that was left of him. An aesthetically engraved stone of his name and a patch of green filled with white daises he had always loved.

Time passed as she slowly turned older. Every year she would reach that same spot she picked out for him with a bunch of wild daises in hand. One more year accomplished. One more year set. One more year of solitude, seclusion, isolation.

Years have passed since. One last time she was asked by the local newspaper reporting of Tom's unexpected death 20 years back. For the final time, "Do you miss your son?" A silent pause followed by a silent denial.

In the end,
She said no; because her son was murdered overseas at a place where she could not protect him, he had gone knowing what to expect, doing a job he had loved.

She said no; because even if your kid isn't supposed to go first but you have to trust them and let then go because you know he had been young, happy, brave and strong while he was at the ends of his life.

She said no; because her son had not gone at all. What all remained of him was not only that little spot at the park by her house, it wasn't only the books and pictures she had left of him. It was so much more than the inanimate objects around the house she kept close to her fearing they would somehow vanish. She didn't need a Polaroid of Tom tucked in her hand purse, she didn't need to stare at her desktop background till tears flooded her tired eyes. She had learnt to carry him in her heart.

After so many years she finally understood "The ones that love us never really leave us, You can always find them cradling deep inside our heart".

~Sam B
This is written for Ruhani's Mindbowing May.

Firstly, I feel the writing could have been better had I paid a little more effort, went through it a little too hastily. Other than that, I feel a little sad at the weak response for Mindblowing May, not many bloggers are actually joining in like they did during Fantabulous February, I know people are busy and all but it feels so nice to see 10 more people write on the same topic.I hope Ru's amazing efforts bring a lot many people to join in because she's doing such a good job. I love love the inspirations this time. So variant and fun. And yes Harry Potter FTW. Join in all you creative heads out there!


  1. This was truly touching :)
    And yeah, I was pretty upset over the fact that not many people were joining in :( Blah. Let's hope it gets better :)
    And THANK YOU Sam B :) Big hug <3

    1. Hey Ruhani, Thanks mate. I know, I hope its gets better yes. Hug back :)

  2. First of all, this was beautiful. Quite honestly, it took my by surprise, the part where the mother started saying 'No.'
    And the reasons you explained so beautifully were much profound and so simple. Man, good job Sammy :)

    Secondly, I feel terrible I haven't join into ANY of the marathons yet! First for Boards, and now for the college applications outside Delhi. But I'm gonna try, I should be free after 13th :) So yes! See you in MM after that :D

    1. Hey Nil, Thanks man firstly.

      And secondly, DUDE you were busy and you still BLOGGED. And yes, it'll be awesome if you join in! Onno level e niye jabi toh tui!

  3. This is one of your best pieces of writing till date. I loved how you structured you explained that even by not missing him, she paid a greater homage.
    I love this Titir!

    1. Aww RIA thank lord ur net's back, I missed your comment for the whole of the day, I kid you not. Cya on monday or maybe tuesday. CCD arekbar? Ebar KOKO'S TREAT.

      Oh oh and thank you :) I like the way it turned out too.

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  5. Awww. This is wonderfully written. Made my heart feel a lil sad but happy as well. It's strange. Every word carries love. Motherly love, pure and warm.
    You are amazing, sweetie.


    1. Thanks liz :) Hope to see you here more often.

  6. @titir firstly i *superlove* this piece of yours! gave me the real WALA feel! andddddddd you neeeeeeed to post that second chap of your story!!!!! FAST GIRL FAST! and and and MM e regular khato! i miss discussin the inspirations wd ya! good ol' class 11 nd 9 wale din ;)

    1. Hehe true true. Miss those days. How did your big DAY go btw? And thanks munchkin.

    2. okay so this music thing u added to your blog is totally COOL MAN! :D

  7. Wow this is really good ! I was expecting to get something brutal or like that stuff, but those last 3 reasons were so profound ! Great Job Prohori :D

    Doiwala :P

    1. Thanks anwesh. Keep coming back and commenting. :P

    2. mar khaabi ! I am either Doiwala / Green Mota / AB :P

    3. Okay I prefer Tatu then!


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