Sunday, December 5, 2010


RMO over...did 4 out of 6 ... which is MUCH MUCH better than my previous two years. I feel GREAT after answering the paper. Let's see what happens...*fingers crossed* :)

I can't get over "color me katie". The blog is soo much fun. I love the girl...and I can keep on saying how awesome the blog is and she is!!

Went to play tennis after I'm back exhausted and happy!

We have our UTs from Tuesday but before at school tomorrow.

I'll end it with this picture :)

Grandma's are the best :) Golu's dida on our terrace...


  1. grandmas ARE the best!
    4/6 is AWESOME! considering it is RMO you know :P i never got to give it though one told me about it this time...

  2. :) thing is the paper was easier than the previous years ... so maybe 4/6 isn't that awesome :) But well I'm happy by giving my best.

    Next time dena!


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