Monday, December 27, 2010

It's been a long time...

Where do I start?

There have been soo many exciting things in this short interim...

There was this school educational trip....which didn't turn out to be even close to being educational but well even having fun with your friends is educational...but we won't get into that. This was more like our first picnic of the 2 we are going to have this year.

They took us to outskirts of a small village called Pathra. There were ruins of terracota mandirs. Something like 6-7 of them. A pretty can climb on top of the temples and just look at the view. Speaking about the view, there's a lake flowing right by the site enveloped with sand and green tall trees on both sides. It was quite a surprise at least for me that there IS this place just nearby KGP....I had NO clue.

We took walks, jumped from the tops, feasted on scorching HOT chops!

There were girls and boys laughing all over! There were two teachers with sexy sunglasses trying to mingle in with the teenagers. Leaving all the glamor to the ladies, our Arya Sir remained the efficient man, keeping us students grounded and responsible.

There were photos taken...hundreds of them and posted on facebook. There were comments on the pictures and teasing and stuff. There was LOTS of food and adda! There was singing songs on top of our voices, hearing people rap, throwing stones, having the utmost fun possible with friends...and I think I haven't even written half of the things we've done. I'll leave the rest for you to imagine...of the fun-estttt things possible.

And saying goodbye to THIS trip was very hard...but well there was ANOTHER event important enough to have a separate place in the school year....and that was the BAL MELA! That made it easier to say goodbye.

So I begin with the details of this thing called Bal Mela that instinctively brings this big smile on my face.....

BAL MELA is THE best thing that happens in DAV. It's practically a food fest. Classes set up food stalls and game stalls and compete against each other. It's the time to out shine all the other classes and win the hamper!

We had paani puri and coffee this year. Serving Phuchka was fun. Setting up the stall was fun. LONG funny Adda with friends was fun. Going to the park and goofing around at 7 in the evening was super fun. Being the only adults buying gas balloons was fun and the food, the masti, the evening was in all sooo much fun!

I mean BAL mela 2010 rocked our hearts out! :)

I have pics! Will share them later. Till then,

there's news...I got selected for RMO ( regional mathematics olympiad ) Shankha did too.

So there's this camp at ISI, Kolkata for 3 days...a mathematics camp. But the best part...I'LL BE ALONEEEEE FOR 3 DAMN DAYSSSSSSSSSS... Isn't that superb :)

I'm off to enjoy the experience,

Chill and have fun...
Oh and MERRRRRRRRRRRY CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSS  GUYS...HOW DID YOUR CHRISTMAS GO? Mine was great.....we made a christmas a big have no idea how lovely thr tree turned out to be....we sang songsss loud on our terrace...more on that later..

Bye now...Got to get up early tomorrow.

Love, love and lots more!



  1. Happy new year!! Thanks for reading:-)

    Congrats on ur selection for olympiad!! 3 days in Kolkata sounds like lots of fun!!

    Do post pics of ur food stall and the picnic.

  2. Haha thanks sooo much :)

    Hope you have an amazing 2011 :)

    And I love your blog!!!

  3. you're quite a math-enthusiast too then.. =) wow.. and did you take pictures at your math-camp?

    would've like to see some of your food stalls too sam..

    -cheerio =)


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