Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Christmas is  not far away. I can feel it coming...don't u?

Bring out all the green and red stuff, the scarves, the Christmas trees and the cakes :)

I want my hot chocolate and my small chota sa Christmas tree. And then there's eating outside.

There's soo much to do this Christmas....will read stories snugged under warm blankets...will catch a movie. :)

I want to CELEBRATE Christmas.My family that has silly fights every night will end Christmas with choking laughter. 

And there's this lovely winter ahead. I wore my green hoodie today...It's cold here already.

I heart Christmas for all these tiny details.

But before all that comes the unit tests. Dreadful! 

I'll skip-thinking about that last line for the time being. Now, it's the Santa Claus and the surprise gift under my pillow :) 

Till next time,

Take Care..



  1. i know!!! cakes, trees, decorations, good food, cold weather, bright colours...i love this time of the year!


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