Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How I spent a part of the Bandh @ home.

So there's this congress strike today....woke up early today morning ready for school ... and BUMMER! No school.

SO came back home...and this is what I did :P

Lazed around in jammies

Took jumping pics :) Didn't turn out good.

Stared at this particular thing in my toilet for half an hour 

Daydreamed about my awesome cam :)

Went through the bundles of warmth!

Saw zebra crossings in my room!

Saw the school bag celebrate the strike!

Did the morning sudoku and Jumble!

Fell in pure love with the abnormal weather outside!

Held this thing and felt the spines of the leaves tickle my hands

Heard this chime with the wind!


Sat there and had my daily cup of hot chocolate!

This weather out side makes me wanna do something creative, cool, out of box. Makes me want to play football and take photos and just have the day of my life. It's the weather that I love, it's beautiful and serene and makes me happy automatically!

Hope you have a lovely morning :)

I sure WILL



  1. nice 'cow jumped ovr the moon' thing :P

  2. love the pics
    by the why were you staring at that cow? :P i don't find it particularly picturesque...and if you don't know why i am saying that...look cloooselyyyy...

  3. Good job with your observation skills ...that is exactly why I was so keenly staring at the cow ;) :P

  4. What a nice relaxing day!!There is nothing perfect than relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate:-)

  5. I soo agree! Hot chocolate is a must :)


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