Monday, December 13, 2010

That PHASE! :-|

Today was a weird day...Surely DO NOT want to relive a day like this. Today was sick and stupid and damn irritating.

I am tired and stressed out.

Sorry for the negative stupid mood I create...I have no idea what's got into me.

Save me



  1. Ok firstly Had a fight with my mom for stupid reasons...I didn't do anything....then sucked at soccer and I don't know...was all negative yesterday! :P Hows you?

  2. Hope ur mood is better:-)

    Fights with mom are just part of growing up and soccer - well, just give it ur best shot..

    I am doing good. Looking forward to some vacation next week..

  3. girl. remember what i said? give your body some rest. it has its limit you know. it's give in totally if you are not careful.

  4. Have a nice vacation guys...and antara I am taking care. Love ya!

  5. love you too :) so you're back from calcutta? go to my blog, two new posts await you :P

  6. playing soccer on hols is cool.. alas.. nobody takes me in their teams.. =( come on.. i can't be that bad-a-player.. =( i can learn.. atleast.. =(

    did readabout your bicycle kicks too.. you know.. my first try on it was hilarious.. me laying flat on the mattress at our tae kwon do club.. =( everyone was laughing.. darn..

    i wish i could've done that after.. ad continue my practice.. but.. somehting happened and i had to temporarily quit my club.. =(

    too bad..

    ew keep your phun going.. =)

    -cheerio. =)

  7. That's bad. Football is a superb game!

    I will sure keep my fun going!

    Thanks for the comment agn!


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