Monday, December 6, 2010

Bengali tomorrow

Bengali is a subject I'm bad at. And I am not thaaat interested to study the subject but I like Bengali as a language overall (DUH!) So, Bengali is by far the hardest subject in my syllabus. 

That way it's actually good that the UTs start with the subject I'm pretty scared off. :P

This week will be borrringgg because of the so called exams :(

But still I'm hoping I'll have a fun week...will go out to play everyday...for sure!

It was drizzling today throughout the day...went to Shankha's and goofed around...then went to Bau's and played football on his terrace in the rain.

I slipped and fell on my bum amidst all the water. Gawd, it hurt :P 

Got wet from head to toe. Came back started shouting as usual...took a hot water bath and then hot chocolate :)

And now I'm over with Bengali and thus have the perfect opportunity to procrastinate.

That's where I want to be :) Heaven!!! Ye hein Mumbai meri Jaan :)

I wanna go to BOMBAY...They say the rains of Bombay are heavenly :) 
Look at the way the water's going to spray over your I wish I could just be there enjoy the rains :) Too much to wish for now i guess! But one day .... :)

How was your day guys?

Let me know!
Till then,

much love


  1. correction .... i pushed u into the water on yor bum :P

  2. U pushed me...and then I slipped :P


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