Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 meters more!

Ok so that day we had our annual sports meet and I was there in the girl's inter house relay. And we were a team of 4. 4*100=400m relay. I would be running the final 100m. Well, I got the baton last. The second runner and third one totally screwed up the run. Our first runner Smriti was superb. Gave the second chick the baton 1st and then our curve went downnn. So I got the baton last.

So what happens in the last 100 m ahead!

Firstly you see 3 people ahead of you and the first one already halfway.

That is the time it strikes you that one at a time knock them out.

1st one overtaken. Nice! 75 m left. 1st runner has 25 m left. DAMN!

2nd one overtaken. "I can do this."

3rd one is about to finish.....but I'm close..the lead she had is narrowing down to a few metres....This is it. But then you see the finish line coming closer ...you need more distance maybe 5-10 m more to overtake. This is the time when you go ga-ga and you wanna jump over the line...maybe just push her aside and finish.

Just a few more meters you beg. People around you go screaming and cheering up but it's all in your mind. You see people jumping up and down. You can't hear there voices. Your head is jammed. And then all of a sudden the race ends. 

I came second.

And then you hear things like- Awesome pick up man! You did great! But deep inside you know that this could have been yours only if you'd got the baton 1-2 secs earlier. So what you do is just keep walking!

You wanna repeat the whole thing again.

These emotions....just sweep you off your feet in a time of some seconds. It's amazing how the whole thing happens.

And for the over enthusiastic type ( read me ) after maybe 1-2 weeks after the specific day, I keep on replaying the whole situation and start thinking of the extra time or the extra miles I'd begged for.

Well, Maybe I'm thinking too much but whatever. That's me. I could have won. :P 10 meters more!



  1. It's like tht book....hovercar racer? or somethin like tht? well u nearly managed to push up the adrenaline like the book does......nice work...keep up the posting....

  2. Really? That's a big step ahead! thanks sooo much :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by :) first time hear will do some snooping around an read :-)

  4. Thanks vintage obsession :) I'd love it if you did snoop around! :D


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